Frogs get to Paris

Press file: “WAKE UP FOR THE CLIMATE!” An unprecedented mobilization operation. Paris, 3 December 2015 (1.29 MB)

An unprecedented mobilization operation

On the sidelines of COP 21 and the public exhibition at the Grand Palais, Veolia is running a unique and surprising campaign traveling the city’s streets to raise awareness among people to climate issues.
On 3, 4 and 5 December, a number of frogs – the heroes of Operation “Wake up for the climate!” – will be roaming the capital.
To rally the general public to climate change issues and highlight the urgent need for action, this operation draws on a story that everyone can identify with: the fable of the frog.

Operation “Wake up for the climate!” aims to make a strong and lasting impression. Parisians, tourists and
visitors to the capital will all discover or rediscover the fable of the frog, which illustrates our ability to close
our eyes to a latent but gradually increasing danger. 

When you plunge a frog into boiling water, it leaps out in a single bound. But if you put the frog in cold water and gradually bring it to the boil, it gets used to the warmth, becomes numb to change and ends up boiled.

The same goes for global warming. Temparatures are imperceptibly rising so we are not reacting.
Let’s not sink into a stup o r ! To escape being boiled alive, we need to react, and quickly. If you a r e n o t already
half cooked, like the frog, give us a helping hand before it is too late !
Take action now !

Between 3 and 5 December, frogs will be traveling around and waking up all of Paris.
These frogs will be in the form of electric vehicles with loud speakers emitting croaking noises at full volume.


This mobile sound system will be accompanied by flyers telling the tale of the frog and suggesting the action we can take.
“Wake up for the climate!’ is an educational awareness-raising initiative that invites us to start to take action and encourages us to decarbonize our lifestyles.
How? For example by helping to secure a more circular economy by recycling waste. This type of economy turns the waste of some into resources for others, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to recycling, less becomes more! But the fact remains that 75% of the world’s waste is not currently recycled and 80% of wastewater goes untreated.

Follow the croaking to find the frogs!
They will be stopping off at key locations around the capital.
Almost 900,000 people should have the opportunity to cross the frogs’ paths between between 3 and 5 December.

Find the frogs on the web:

Operation “Wake up for the climate!” will continue as a key part of the free climate exhibition to be held at the Grand Palais from 4 to 10 December. At the La Recyclerie stand, Veolia will be running entertaining, educational workshops where visitors will be invited to make frogs out of recycled material.

Since climate change is a crucial issue both in terms of public health and global solidarity, and as the nations of the whole world are working to reach an agreement that can keep temperature increases below 2°C, Veolia aims to raise public awareness of the consequences of climate change and the need for us to change our ways.



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