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Gabonese Republic and Veolia reform their partnership

Press release: Gabonese Republic and Veolia reform their partnership. (92.4 KB)

Paris - Libreville, July 8, 2016_ The Gabonese Republic and Veolia have decided to reform their partnership at the end of the current concession in order to provide the Gabonese people with “electricity and water for all” under the best possible conditions.

This innovative, long-tern partnership will in particular aim to further increase the service coverage and improve customer satisfaction for both electricity and drinking water.
This new cooperative arrangement ties in with the Strategic Plan for an Emerging Gabon, which aims to make the water and electricity sectors one of the priorities for the Gabonese people.
Guy-Bertrand Mapangou, the Gabonese Minister for Energy and Water Resources welcomed “the signing of this protocol that commits both parties to meeting the Gabonese people’s water and electricity supply needs. This commitment reflects the will of the President of the Republic to meet his compatriots’ needs as best possible in order to improve their wellbeing and change their lives.”
For his part, Antoine Frérot, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Veolia, declared, “Veolia is pleased to make this commitment alongside the Gabonese Republic and will do its utmost to continue the work underway on an emerging Gabon: a Gabon where water and energy supply performance is the best on the African continent, and a Gabon which has consistently aimed for excellence in the services provided to its people.”




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