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The Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans renews contract, worth $122 million, with Veolia

Press release : The Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans renews contract, worth $122 million, with Veolia (186.76 KB)


New Orleans renews its contract with Veolia

Veolia North America has been providing services to the Sewerage & Water Board (S&WB) since 1992, under a public-private partnership that is still one of the biggest in the United States.
Worth an estimated $122 million over its 10-year duration—with one-year renewal options totaling  an additional 10 years—this latest agreement gives particular support to local companies facing economic challenges. The S&WB has increased its expectations in this area and 30% of the revenue from the partnership will now be committed to local companies that meet the requirements of the city’s Economically Disadvantaged Businesses program. These new objectives have led Veolia to identify more than 10 target companies under a program that combats discrimination and socioeconomic imbalances.
“Our relationship has enabled us to achieve exceptional results as regards water quality, while at the same time saving millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money,” said Cedric S. Grant, the Executive Director of S&WB. “Veolia has made a big contribution to making the Sewerage & Water Board an indispensable environmental partner for the residents of New Orleans and to obtaining significant results. We’re looking forward to continuing the partnership and offering new opportunities to the region’s disadvantaged communities.”
William J. DiCroce, President and COO of Veolia’s North America’s Municipal and Commercial Business Lines, added: “We see the Board’s new goals as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our client and continue to make significant impact within the New Orleans community. “Forward-thinking agreements such as this one have the ability to set and achieve economic, social and environmental goals that go beyond the technical aspects of effectively managing public assets.  We’re excited to be entrusted with continuing to serve this great city.”.”
The S&WB and Veolia have regularly received awards for their exceptional level of compliance with stateand Environmental Protection Agency regulations. A recent example is the Gold Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, which hailed the “total respect for the environment.” Working hand in hand with S&WB, Veolia has helped generate savings of over $35 million for the citizens of New Orleans.
The relationship between S&WB and Veolia has enabled several environmental projects to be put in place. Recently, a project to use sanitized wastewater biosolids in wetlands, developed in partnership with Tulane University, benefited from Veolia’s expertise to restore a deteriorated area of urban swamp by turning it into a magnificent cypress forest. In another project, ash from incineration will be used to help improve the natural landscape of New Orleans while eliminating the amount of ash sent to landfill.


Veolia group is the global leader in optimized resource management. With over 179,000 employees* worldwide, the Group designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. Through its three complementary business activities, Veolia helps to develop access to resources, preserve available resources, and to replenish them.
In 2014, the Veolia group supplied 96 million people with drinking water and 60 million people with wastewater service, produced 52 million megawatt hours of energy and converted 31 million metric tons of waste into new materials and energy. Veolia Environnement (listed on Paris Euronext: VIE) recorded consolidated revenue of €24.4 billion* in 2014.
(*) 2014 pro-forma figures, including Dalkia International (100%) and excluding Dalkia France.
The Sewerage and Water Board has served residents and protected the environment since 1899. Originally formed to combat disease by providing safe drinking water and eliminating the health hazards of open sewer ditches, today the S&WB continues its mission using 21st-century technology. The Board’s mission is to provide safe drinking water to everyone in New Orleans; to remove wastewater for safe return to the environment; to drain away stormwater; to provide water for fire protection; to provide information about products and services; and to do all of this continuously at a reasonable cost to the



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