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Growth on the industrial market

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the scarcity of natural resources and price volatility, the pressure from citizens in relation to environmental impacts and pollution risks, slower growth on certain markets - a large number of industrial groups are facing these challenges.


Veolia supports and advises industry on all their environmental problems and provides solutions that offer high technical added value - in particular in terms of efficiency and enhancing assets. The Group has chosen to position itself primarily on six promising industrial markets, for which it has developed stand-out solutions adapted to the major challenges in each sector of activity.

Oil and gas

Veolia offers state-of-the-art technologies that meet industry's huge challenges in terms of water management, waste treatment, and energy performance. The Group works to reduce the environmental risks associated with effluent discharges, optimize water consumption and recover production by-products in order to improve the performance of oil and gas operators.

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Mining, metals, and energy

Veolia makes use of its portfolio of technologies, its expertise as an operator, its global network, and its ability to offer innovative financing to meet the compliance and operational performance requirements of its customers in the mining, metals, and energy markets. Consequently the Group is able to help them ensure the long-term future of their operations and encourage their acceptance by local people.

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Food and beverage, pharmacy and cosmetics

The Group offers integrated multi-business solutions, addressing the challenges of efficiency in the sectors of water, waste and energy management. This guarantees their licence to operate and adds to their performance while also improving their brand equity.


Circular economy

The pressure on resources means moving our economy towards a more circular, more local and more collaborative model, in which one person’s waste becomes someone else’s new resource. The regulations encourage this change. To meet the high expectations of industry and municipalities, Veolia focuses its solutions on two priority areas: Recycling and transforming waste, wastewater and waste energy into resources. Developing the design and implementation of custom solutions to help industry and cities protect and replenish their resources while also helping to create and share value within the same territory.


Difficult-to-treat pollution

In view of the tighter local regulations and the increase in the volume of waste produced (notably by the chemical, petroleum, metallurgical and nuclear industries), Veolia is strengthening its position in relation to the treatment of difficult-to-treat pollution and hazardous waste. In this area, the Group benefits from innovative treatment methods, a unique know-how and organization.

Managing the end of industrial cycles

The end of life of industrial installations and equipment entails the risk of contamination and pollution. But it also creates opportunities for recovering materials and developing these resources as secondary raw materials. Veolia is developing its expertise in this new business segment by working on the entire value chain: auditing equipment, transport, dismantling, site compliance and recycling materials from decommissioning. The Group's activities include project management, soil decontamination, dismantling oil, rail and ship platforms, the complete management of low or medium-level radioactive nuclear waste, and waste recovery.