2017 Shareholders' meeting

The 2016 financial statements reflect the ongoing improvement in our operational performance an profitability.

Our savings have outstripped the target we had set, proving both the credibility of our cost-cutting plan and the quality of its implementation.

We will accentuate our lead in environmental businesses through disciplined expenditure, creative growth actions and operational excellence.

Group Key Figures

€24,390 million
in revenue 

163,226 employees

Revenue - Workforce 2016

96 million people supplied with water

2,878 wastewater treatment plants managed

4,117 water production plants managed 

62 million people connected to wastewater systems


737,977 business customers

47 million metric tons of treated waste

579 waste-processing facilities operated 

40 million people provided with collection services on behalf of municipalities


40,210 thermal installations managed 

595 heating and cooling networks managed

45 million MWh produced

2,291 industrial sites managed

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A world of opportunities for Veolia

Veolia seizes and anticipates any local development opportunities and building on his global expertises.
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Annual and Sustainability Report 2016

rétrospectives 2016 - EN

Veolia’s 2016 highlights

The principal contracts won by Veolia worldwide in 2016.