Developing innovative business and contractual models

The search for effectiveness, competitiveness and attractiveness, the need to adapt to climate change and environmental complexity, population demands and funding needs are all challenges faced by cities and industrials - and the traditional contractual models are no longer able to meet them.


  In order to meet the challenges facing municipal and industrial clients more effectively, Veolia is developing new economic and contractual models based on co-construction. It is an approach that makes use of the partners’ complementary expertise and leverage new growth drivers.

The development of "AssetCo / Opco" partnerships

The "AssetCo / Opco" model offers a solution that incorporates the financing, operation and maintenance of the client’s facilities, while allowing partners the freedom to focus on their respective business activities: the investor provides the investment needed for optimizing the plant, and the operator - Veolia – is responsible for its operation and maintenance.

Veolia entered the energy market in Japan through this innovative model. In partnership with Takeei, a leading provider of environmental services in Japan, the Group will operate two biomass power plants in Hirakawa and Hanamaki for a period of 20 years. A first contract that is bound to open up new growth prospects.

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