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6th Global District Energy Climate Award: Veolia, wins in the New Scheme and Out of the Box categories

The 1st Sustainable District Energy Conference, held in Reykjavik (Iceland) from 23 to 25 October 2019, hosted the sixth edition of the "Global District Energy Climate Award". The organization behind the award - EuroHeat and Power - rewarded local, clean and sustainable energy solutions rolled out by cities to heat or cool one of their neighbourhoods. Two Veolia projects received an award: in Germany and Australia.


Veolia won in two of the five categories: “New Schemes”, “Modernization”, “Extension”, “Emerging Markets”, and “Out-of-the-Box”:

 ReUseHeat in Braunschweig in Germany – in the “New Scheme” category for a new use of the urban network to recover waste heat. 
 This award recognizes an innovative system designed to recover heat from a data centre and inject it into a city heating network. The principle: once the energy is recovered, a heat pump raises the temperature of the water from 25°C to 70°C, before injecting it into the city’s heating network. After use, the cooled water returns to the heat pump to recover more energy, all the while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

There is huge potential for using the heat lost in urban areas. In Braunschweig, this solution saves 1,284 MWh of primary energy annually - equivalent to 304 metric tons of CO2 emissions avoided,
Dominik Gehling
Head of Veolia's technical department in Germany

Air conditioning from renewable energy on the Sunshine Coast campus (Queensland) in Australia - winner in the “Out of the Box category for innovative solutions contributing to the energy transition and the fight against climate change.

This air-conditioning project will help the campus achieve carbon neutrality by 2025: an 8.2 MW cooling plant produces cold, which is then distributed via the local cooling network. The plant uses 5,800 solar panels (2.1 MW) and a 4,500 m3 water tank (equivalent to 7.1 MW). This project also stands out because of its educational aspect: it will enable the students concerned to acquire concrete knowledge about energy efficiency and the use of urban micro-grids to reduce a building’s carbon footprint.


Veolia and University of the Sunshine Coast are honoured to receive global recognition for a project that is paving the way for a low-carbon economy future. Our two organizations demonstrate that the transition to a sustainable future can be economically viable when we rely on a collaborative partnership.
Veolia and the University of the Sunshine Coast


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6th Global District Energy Climate Award 
Les Global District Energy Climate Awards ont été lancés lors de la COP15 en 2009, en coopération avec le réseau de l'Agence internationale de l'énergie (IEA), l'initiative des villes durables de l’ONU  environnement et les organisations représentatives du secteur de l'énergie dédié aux districts urbains. Suivre la cérémonie en vidéo.

EuroHeat and Power
La Conférence sur les quartiers à énergie durable / Sustainable district energy conference (SDEC)