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Veolia and the Association Nationale des Apprentis de France sign a partnership to promote apprenticeship as a path to excellence

Aurélien Cadiou, President of the Association Nationale des Apprentis de France (ANAF) and Antoine Frérot, Veolia Chairman and CEO, today signed a partnership agreement at the Group's headquarters in Aubervilliers. The goal is to promote communication on apprenticeships and help support apprentices in the Veolia Campus network.

By signing this partnership, Veolia undertakes to financially support ANAF for one year and sponsor the contest “Filme Ton Job”. Presented by the association, this competition invites apprentices and young professionals to share their business experiences in the form of video testimonials.

Veolia's support will be used to develop the video platform content aimed at would-be apprentices, enriching it with job descriptions and links to a career guidance website. It will also be used to help modernize smartphone navigation and encourage sharing content on social networks.

With the support of the ANAF project leaders, the Veolia Campuses will set up "Rights, Duties and Attitude" modules aimed at first-year apprentices.


"Learning is an opportunity for companies and for young people, whatever their level of qualification. At Veolia, 50% of our apprentices join the Group at the end of their apprenticeship, which makes it an important recruitment channel. It’s training we believe in and invest in for young people who want to work in environment-related activities," said Antoine Frérot.

Apprenticeships with Veolia

At the end of 2017, Veolia had almost 2,400 apprentices, including 1,451 in France, more than 400 in the United Kingdom, 300 in Germany and almost 100 in Colombia. 628 apprentices were trained on Veolia Campuses in France.
Veolia is also involved in several actions promoting the development of apprenticeship programs within the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) and the Fondation Innovations pour les Apprentissages (FIPA).

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