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The CEA’s Paris-Saclay research centre has chosen Veolia to manage its radioactive waste

Veolia has been awarded three new contracts by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) to manage radioactive waste at the CEA’s Paris-Saclay centre in the Paris Region.

50 Veolia Nuclear Solutions engineers, technicians and operators have been working since April to manage radioactive waste on the Paris-Saclay site, southwest of Paris, the largest of the CEA’s nine research facilities.

Veolia has a five-year contract to operate and maintain INB 72 (base nuclear facility), which treats low-, medium- and high-activity solid radioactive waste. The group will also manage historic waste storage and removal prior to the facility’s definitive closure.
At the same site Veolia has also been entrusted until 2020 with the maintenance and monitoring of the STELLA facility, which treats liquid radioactive waste.
Finally, the Group will also be tasked with carrying out clean-up operations and small repairs in a nuclear environment for all the site’s facilities over a four-year period.


Claude Laruelle

“On the nuclear clean-up market, our technology and expertise are ideally suited to tackling the most complex problems. This added value means Nuclear Solutions can extend its field of operations while providing a solution to its customers’ challenges. That is the strength of our expertise as well as that of our complementary facilities in France, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States,” explains Claude Laruelle, Director of Veolia Global Enterprises.


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