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VivaTech: Veolia's digital innovations resourcing the territories

VivaTech brings together 9,000 start-ups, 1,900 investors and 300 large groups in Paris from 16 to 18 May to talk about Tech for Good, women's entrepreneurship and Europe. Veolia, together with its partner start-ups, presents its connected technologies and digital services for municipalities, industry and citizens. An opportunity on the stand to discover or test the digital solutions serving the environment: waste sorting robots, drones to prevent pollution, smart citizens apps. Accompanied by Claire Falzone, CEO of the Nova Veolia subsidiary, Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister of State, attached to the Ministre for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, met with the managers of the startups Somei, Birdz and Fluksaqua.


"Environmental data is an extension of what we are doing to resource the world"

On the Veolia stand, Claire Falzone explains that for Veolia, data is first and foremost an environmental issue, be it because data centres consume large amounts of energy or because electronic components consume scarce resources.

The digital sector is a great opportunity because environmental data is an extension of what we do to resource the world. All the data we use and the data we generate provide solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of the activities of industry and cities.
Claire Falzone
CEO of the Nova Veolia subsidiary

For example, Veolia supports manufacturers in their water process management with AquavistaTM, companies in their waste treatment with Wastebox, the needs of cities for connected objects with Birdz, and in data processing with FluksAqua, and the needs of citizens by developing mobile applications with Homefriend.

We are also presenting our open innovation actions at Vivatech: our partnership with the Hub BPI to identify start-ups, and the Happy'nnov challenge with start-ups in the field of HR. Birdz's partnership with blockchain specialist Ledger, or with “French Tech Côte d'Azur”, are also among the innovations and initiatives we are developing.
Claire Falzone
CEO of the Nova Veolia subsidiary


Green Smoothie: 3 favourite start-ups chosen by municipalities to resource their territories

Nova Veolia’s Green Smoothie initiative combines digital technology, the environment and the territory, with the aim of giving a voice to elected representatives in medium-sized municipalities on the theme of smart cities for co-building and co-innovating.

The results of the vote of around 50 elected officials were announced in the presence of Denis Thuriot, Mayor of Nevers, President of Nevers urban area and President of SIIVIM; from among twelve start-ups the three that best meet the challenges in their territories were selected:

No. 1: The Qwant search engine, which does not track personal data to make the territory more attractive, was the winner.

No. 2: Sunchain which disseminates and pools solar energy by means of a blockchain and connected objects in a given territory.

No. 3: Yogosha, an expert platform in detecting security vulnerabilities in municipalities’ Open Data.


Veolia solutions at VivaTech:

AQUAVISTA™, a digital service platform that manages water treatment systems intelligently.

Birdz offers IoT solutions for the urban environment (water, energy, temperature, pollution, noise, etc.).

Veolia’s Hubgrade, an intelligent management centre for water, energy and waste management.

SOMEI with API-Smart® reintroduces beehives and uses the bees as an environment bioindicator.

ServO, SEDIF's centralized water services management tool, from the resource to the tap.

Hypervision 360°, which reinvents the water business by associating new technologies.

Majikan, the digital platform that optimizes urban asset maintenance interventions.

Fastoche, the budget and social coach for people having trouble paying their bills.

Yoyo, which helps cities improve sorting and recycling performance with a collaborative citizen system.