L’Oasis, a place dedicated to women's entrepreneurship in Niamey (Niger), celebrates its first anniversary

Created in Niamey by Veolia and Empow'Her, L’Oasis facilitates the economic integration of women through entrepreneurship by raising awareness of the issues related to sustainable development and preserving resources. L’Oasis celebrates its first anniversary today under the sponsorship of Ms Elback Zeinabou Tari Bako, Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Welfare, and in the presence of the international women’s entrepreneurship association Empow'Her and Veolia. It is an opportunity to take stock of its first year of activity.

L’Oasis is a place dedicated to women's entrepreneurship, the circular economy and eco-responsibility. Opened on 18 January 2018, this haven of greenery and conviviality in the heart of Niamey promotes the economic and social integration of women and raises awareness of sustainable development issues.

Social and environmental change within communities

In just one year, L’Oasis has hosted 63 events attended by 2,500 people. In parallel, 686 women developed their skills in entrepreneurial management allowing them to develop a profitable activity. This social and environmental dynamic extends beyond L’Oasis: indeed, through organizations and collective workshops, many women have shared the knowledge and skills acquired at L’Oasis within their own neighbourhoods.

Co-building this unique project with Veolia focusing on both women and the environment is a real opportunity. If women are supported, they are able to change so much in this country!
Abdou Cissé
Director of l’Oasis
Faced with the environmental issues and the huge challenge of precariousness that primarily affects women in Niger, Veolia and SEEN decided to mobilize by working with Empow'Her to co-create an innovative place that contributes to economic and social development. Its goal is to help women develop their potential and educate as many people as possible about environmental protection. A year after L’Oasis was opened, we are enthusiastic about and proud of how the local population has rallied round this collective project
René Matillon
CEO of SEEN (Société d’Exploitation des Eaux du Niger), a Veolia subsidiary

Review of L'Oasis one year on

  • 2,500 participants
  • 63 events organized
  • 686 women supported through the entrepreneurship training program
  • 90% have developed their activity
  • 86% can live thanks to their company
  • 95% have transmitted their skills to those around them
  • 100% of the women in the Women’Act support program to help those with projects gain confidence in their potential, started a business
  • 100% are satisfied with their experience at L’Oasis.


L’Oasis’ outlook

  • Continue to be an inspiring place that unites citizen energies.
  • Attract more women with projects that will have an impact on their communities.
  • Develop the L'Oasis community through rich and engaging event programming.