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Greater Nîmes has selected Veolia to manage its water and sanitation service

With this eight-year contract, Veolia is committed to bringing excellence to Greater Nîmes' water and sanitation service.

This new contract, which will start in January 2020, relates to the management of water and sanitation for the 261,000 inhabitants of Greater Nîmes.

Veolia will improve the efficiency of the water network to 82%, thanks to the installation of more than 2,500 connected objects that will more efficiently detect leaks. The digital "Hypervision 360" control system will use the data collected to optimize facility management and risk prevention. It will integrate real-time diagnostic tools paired with the latest-generation cameras, introduce smart water meters for 95% of subscribers within three years, integrate weather forecasts to manage the impact of rainfall in the Cevennes and prevent floods.

15 million cubic meters of water will be saved over the duration of the contract, equivalent to one year’s consumption.


New services and transparency

Citizen-consumers will be able to use their smartphones to access real-time information about their water consumption and receive alerts in the event of a problem. A new anaerobic digestion plant will produce biogas from sewage sludge; it will be directly used to run the city’s buses.
4 of the city’s inhabitants will sit on the board of directors of the company that will manage the service and will be involved in all budgetary and strategic decisions. Recruitments are planned to accompany the smart meter roll out.

By introducing the latest technological and digital innovations to significantly improve network management, protect the resource, involve consumers and assist the most disadvantaged members of the community, and by adding new subscribers services with an excellent price:quality ratio, together with Greater Nimes we will rebuild pride among the city’s residents of their water and wastewater service
Frédéric Van Heems
CEO of Veolia’s water business in France