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Veolia steps up its development in Japan with a new water concession in Miyagi

Veolia has won the water management contract for Miyagi prefecture, Japan. This 20-year concession was signed with a consortium - led by Veolia - of nine local partners including Metawater, a Japanese leader in water network equipment. The contract includes the management, operation, and modernisation of drinking water facilities in Miyagi, located in the Tohoku region in the northeast part of the Pacific Ocean archipelago.

This concession, which is unprecedented in Japan, follows a change in the country’s legislation in 2018, authorising the subcontracting of water services to private companies. Veolia, with the consortium, will supply drinking water to nearly two million people and water for Industry, and will manage wastewater. Miyagi’s eight treatment plants will be modernised to reach a total capacity of 900,000 m3 per day.

Veolia will provide various digital and ecological innovations: it will develop a digital platform to manage all data related to the project, operation, and modernisation work. This powerful tool will enable Miyagi prefecture to meet two challenges: respond to the decline in its population and modernise its drinking water supply facilities.

In 2017, Veolia won the tender for Hamamatsu, the first wastewater management concession in Japan. These two projects are emblematic examples of what Veolia can bring to communities to foster their ecological transformation.


Antoine Frérot, CEO of Veolia said:

     We are extremely proud to have been selected, together with Metawater and our other local partners, for the management of the water services in Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture. Veolia is the only private foreign operator to have been awarded various water related public service management contracts in Japan, which only recently opened up to public-private partnerships. Over the years, Veolia has become a partner of choice for Japanese public services and a market reference for outsourced management in Japan. We look forward to working with Metawater and our local partners to provide top-notch environmental solutions to local communities.  



PR - Veolia speeds up the development of its water business in Japan by signing off the operation of Miyagi Water and WasteWater Concession Project (153.21 KB)