Impacts Awards, second edition: 5 projects rewarded for their balanced impact on the 5 aspects of multifaceted performance

With the second edition of the Impact Awards, Veolia raises the bar in terms of ambition! The award-winning projects are all solutions to turn the tide and meet the challenges of ecological transformation.

The Impact Awards, organised across all regions of the Group, aim to recognise inspiring existing projects that demonstrate a balanced impact on the five aspects of its multifaceted performance: environmental, economic and financial, commercial, social and societal. For this second edition, more than 100 projects applied from the Group's 14 zones. The 14 finalists selected (1 per zone) pitched their project before the jury, who appointed 3 winners and a special prize. At the same time, more than 12,000 Group employees voted for their favourite projects.  

The winners of the second edition:

  • 1st Prize: La Mé, drinking differently - Ivory Coast 

In Abidjan, the construction of a new water production plant covers the needs of the local population by using surface water from the Mé River rather than groundwater. This sustainable solution for access to water helps to protect the water resource and raise the local people's awareness of this major challenge.

The impacts:
Environmental: 240,000 m3/day of water produced from a sustainable source.
Economic, financial and commercial: a turnover of €52 million and operation of the plant for 15 years.
Social and societal: 20 jobs created for villagers with 25% of the 50 employees being women.

  • 2nd Prize and Resourcers' Prize (placed equal): Sinopec, the Yanshan project: an environmental efficiency model - China 

Veolia is helping Sinopec, Asia's largest petrochemical company, to reduce the water and carbon footprint of its Yanshan site near Beijing, China, as well as restoring biodiversity and a nearby wetland to improve the living environment of local residents. This industrial water recycling project illustrates the ecological transformation of this petrochemical complex.

Environmental: water recycling avoids 1,277 tonnes per year of oxygen demand (a water quality parameter). And 96,000 items of data are collected daily to improve site performance.
Economic, financial and commercial : revenue of €120 million per year.
Social and societal: 900 jobs created. Zero lost-time accidents in 2020.

  • 3rd Prize: Rob'Inn, nothing escapes this innovative robot - France, Recycling and recovery of waste (RVD - Recyclage et valorisation des déchets)

100% recovery thanks to Rob'Inn, an innovative robot developed by RVD France, which sorts furniture waste using image processing, with excellent performance in speed and quality.

Environmental: 100% energy recovery: 65% of the waste is recycled and 35% is used as fuels for cement works. Zero waste in landfill.
Economic, financial and commercial: a contract renewed for 6 years after one year of operation. Revenue growth of 200%.
Social and societal: 3 qualified jobs created.

  • Special Jury Prize: Vertig'Ovation, a longer life for pipes - France, Environmental maintenance, Industry and Building

Vertig'Ovation is creating a coating, by spraying resin inside the vertical wastewater pipes of buildings (tertiary buildings, social housing), to avoid leaks. Vertig'Ovation offers an alternative solution to pipe replacement with a low carbon footprint.

Environmental: high carbon footprint avoided. This innovation has already been rolled out in 6 branches.
Economic, financial and commercial: project profitability reaching 12%.
Social and societal: 100% local employment.

  • Resourcers prize (placed equal): BioNGV Conversion, drive with biogas - Czech Republic 

The wastewater treatment plant in Prague, Czech Republic, converts the biogas produced into bio-NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles). This fuel, used for Veolia and city fleets, improves air quality and reduces the carbon footprint of these vehicles.

Environmental: 600 tonnes reduction of greenhouse gases per year and 16 tonnes of particulate emissions avoided.
Economic, financial and commercial: €570 K in savings in 2022 and €169 K in profit per year thanks to the sale of unused bioNGV.
Social and societal: 3 jobs created for the operation of the bioNGV unit.

The Jury for the Impact Awards 2022 

For the first time, in order to assess the balanced impact of each project on the five aspects of Veolia's multifaceted performance, the jury was composed of five members of Veolia's Executive Committee and five representatives from its stakeholders: Abdelkhaliq Zenati, Operations Manager at SARP (Veolia) - Employee, Pierre-Emmanuel Reymund, Head of the "prospective, partnerships, territorial Innovations" mission in Toulouse Métropole - Customer, Anne-Claire Impériale, Co-Head of Socially Responsible Investment, at Sycomore AM - Shareholder, Marie de Penanros, Director of Transformation, Quality and CSR, at ALD Automotive - Society, and Géraud Guibert, President of La Fabrique Ecologique - Planet.

Veolia implements its purpose through its multifaceted performance:

This approach benefits all of Veolia's stakeholders (Employees, Customers, Shareholders, Society and the Planet) and is in line with an international ambition for sustainable development: the United Nations' Agenda 2030. 5 Group commitments in 5 performance aspects are being implemented with the same importance. 18 objectives, regularly measured, represent a common framework of the priorities for all Group entities (zones, BUs, sites, etc.).