Awareness: changing behaviour to improve energy performance


The search for better energy efficiency is not just about thermal comfort, optimizing costs and reducing a building’s ecological footprint. It also means changing the behaviour of the building’s users.

Improving the energy performance of tertiary buildings, optimizing operational costs, reducing primary energy expenditure, and reducing the ecological footprint are the main criteria in an energy efficiency approach.

Now, however, property managers are increasingly incorporating information campaigns focusing on users’ individual long-term environmental responsibility.

Energy efficiency then creates the opportunity to raise public awareness on environmental issues and drive changes in the tertiary sector.  

Who are our customers ? 

Businesses and tertiary services

The Veolia solution

Awareness relies on Veolia's Hubgrade hypervision centres, which optimizes the performance of water, energy and waste management services in buildings.

This solution has three complementary modules:

Continuous communication: this module educates building users on the impact of their environmental behaviour in the company. It is accompanied by a communication kit (stickers, posters, banners, etc.) presenting the key messages and good practices.

Dynamic communication: on tablets, smartphones or computers, this module provides real-time displays of progress indicators covering building users’ environmental behaviour.

Event based communication: This module includes support for energy efficiency events, through conferences, site visits, and awareness raising sessions.

As an energy efficiency expert, Veolia offers its customers the Awareness solution, an integrated communication approach aimed at raising users’ awareness, which can usefully accompany and supplement energy performance contracts (EPC).

Benefits for our customers

Customized energy performance communication 

Involving stakeholders in a sustainable approach

Making users aware of the environmental footprint

They chose this solution



The Tour du Midi energy performance - a shared success

In Belgium, Veolia is responsible for the energy performance of the Office National des Pensions (ONP) buildings. In addition to modernizing the energy facilities, Veolia has raised the awareness of the ONP's 1,700 employees to the performance approach. This reduced energy consumption in the ONP's 7 buildings by 31%, i.e. 39 MWh in one year.



74 schools educated on energy savings

To reduce by nearly 20% the energy consumption of 74 schools in, Slovakia, Veolia installed 17,000 thermostats, replaced the old boilers, renegotiated fuel tariffs, but above all carried out an awareness-raising campaign to save energy among schoolchildren.