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2019 Shareholders' meeting

Consolidation in our growth, consolidation in our performances,
and consolidation in our innovations: 2018 was a year of triple consolidation.

It puts Veolia in a very good position not only to complete its development plan - set to finish at the end of 2019 - on a high note, but also to deploy our strategy of profitable and selective growth even faster going forward.






95 million people supplied with water

2,667 wastewater treatment plants managed

3,603 water production plants managed 

63 million people connected to wastewater systems

560,505 business customers

49 million metric tons of treated waste

655 waste-processing facilities operated 

43 million people provided with collection services on behalf of municipalities

42,053 thermal installations managed 

615 heating and cooling networks managed

46 million MWh produced

2,389 industrial sites managed