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2020 Shareholders' Meeting

The 2020 General Meeting of Shareholders was held on April 22nd behind closed doors.

"2019 is another year of solid revenue and profit growth. Our targets have all been surpassed. Revenue growth of 4.3% is an evidence of the pertinence of our choices towards the most valuable segments of our businesses. Veolia, a global leader in the ecological transition fully benefits from rising demand from both industrial and municipal clients for value added services to prepare for a better and more sustainable future."

Antoine Frérot, Chairman & CEO


In this integrated report, you will see that our purpose is defined by our usefulness. More than just words, day after day, we must prove just how useful we are, whatever the situation.
Our new Impact 2023 strategic plan has a high ambition: to make Veolia the benchmark company for ecological transformation.
Under the impetus of its Chairman and CEO the Veolia Group is one of the first French companies to have defined its purpose. He says "a business is prosperous because it is useful and not the other way round".