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The history of Veolia : 2000 - 2010

Initial public offering on the Paris Stock Exchange

Vivendi Environnement is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange on July 20, 2000. Vivendi Universal retains over 70% of the company's stock. A listing on the New York Stock Exchange follows in October 2001.
Veolia and EDF sign a partnership agreement for energy services.

Veolia Environnement

By December 2002, Vivendi Universal's holdings in Vivendi Environnement have been reduced to 20.4%, effectively making Veolia Environnement an independent company.
The company becomes Veolia Environnement in 2003.

A single name: Veolia Environnement

The company's four divisions – water, environmental services, energy and transportation – adopt a single name, Veolia, with a variant for each business activity (Veolia Water, Veolia Environmental Services, Veolia Energy (Dalkia) and Veolia Transport).
Paired with a new logo, the move signals the company's desire to raise its profile and link the divisions in a coherent way.

The start of a fundamental change

Antoine Frérot takes over as CEO of Veolia Environnement in November 2009 and sets out his goal for the company: “To become the industry standard for environmental solutions.”