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Veolia in the 2018 EcoAct global top 10 ranking for business climate performance

On the occasion of Climate Week NYC, which takes place from 24 to 30 September 2018 in New York, EcoAct yesterday published its 2018 business climate performance report. As this study, which ranks Veolia 9th in the world for its climate action, was being published Pierre Victoria, Director of Sustainable Development, presented the Group's climate strategy.

Veolia in the 2018 EcoAct report top 10.

This year only 2 French companies rank in the EcoAct top 10 (PSA ranked 6th and Veolia ranked 9th).

In relation to Veolia, the report states: "As a world leader in environmental services management, the Group relies on an environmental management system supervised by its Sustainable Development Committee. Its holistic, Group-wide climate strategy is divided into nine commitments, underscoring the importance of a multi-dimensional approach to environmental sustainability. Veolia has emerged as an industry leader with aggressive CO2 reduction plans, a procurement policy and a rigorous supplier monitoring system. The deployment of an action plan integrating biodiversity issues into 100% of its sites by 2020 is one of its main objectives. Veolia uses the LivingCircular platform to contribute to the debate and accelerate the transition to the circular economy."

The evaluation carried out by EcoAct covers companies listed on 4 stock markets: the CAC 40, FTSE 100, IBEX 35 and DOW 30. Companies are evaluated on the basis of 79 criteria covering 4 areas: measures and reporting, strategy and governance, objectives and reduction, commitment and innovation.

Some EcoAct figures for the companies evaluated for their climate action:

68% evaluate the climate impacts of their value chains

83% collaborate with the Government on environmental policy

♦ 20% have set science-based goals

♦ 48% include their "Scope 3" emissions (in the greenhouse gas (GHG) report, Scope 3 is the largest perimeter for examining GHG emissions)

♦ 83% of companies set targets for reducing their carbon footprint

 90% of companies adapt to a more circular economy

♦ 93% meet CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) commitments by making their environmental impacts public

♦ 38% mention or align with the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) recommendations


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