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The City of Bordeaux appoints Veolia to handle its wastewater treatment and rainwater management services

Bordeaux’s Metropolitan Council has chosen Veolia for its wastewater treatment and rainwater management. The 7-year public service contract will begin on 1 January, 2019. It covers the management of 6 waste water treatment plants and networks of 4,200 km, with a total treatment capacity for a population equivalent of 1.15 million inhabitants.


Veolia offered Bordeaux Métropole new form of governance, under the control of the organizing authority, at the service of consumers. This partnership is based on a co-construction approach with the service’s current employees.

Better serving consumers, involving the local population and stakeholders

Citizens can become actors in their environment by joining the various governance bodies that will be set up by Veolia: a consumer services agency and a service dedicated to professionals. This partnership brings the metropolis’ entire ecosystem together: 65 local actors are associated with it, making water management a sustainable service on the environmental, economic and social levels.

Innovation serving quality of life

The renewal of part of the network is provided for under the contract. It will support the demographic and urban development of the Bordeaux Métropole, while respecting its environment.

Veolia will also deploy a series of digital services to optimize network management:

  • New series of connected objects and sensors will provide better control of the networks and monitor discharges into the Garonne river
  • Drones will be used to protect the metropolitan area’s heritage
  • Data processing employing artificial intelligence will open up new perspectives in the management of wastewater treatment.

Veolia is also planning to create 8 local community officer positions, which will be offered to people on work schemes. Their job will be to inform users on a daily basis.

“Veolia, as a genuine partner of the City of Bordeaux, is committed to making these sanitation and rainwater management services a real benchmark in the world of water. This success reflects the dynamism of the new corporate project for our business ‘Osons 20/20!’, which focuses on the key challenges of human ecology and regional development”, says Frédéric Van Heems, Chief Executive Officer of Water in France.


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Veolia’s water management expertise > Press release: Paris, July 9, 2018 - Water France