International Women's Day: daring to embrace the professions of ecological transformation

International Women's Day

Celebrated each year, International Women's Day provides an opportunity to consider how far we've come and what needs to be done to achieve greater equality and gender diversity. With more than 50,000 women in the Group, Veolia is committed to encouraging women to dare to take up the challenge of ecological transformation. 

Initiated by the United Nations in 1975, the theme of this year's International Women's Day is "Investing in Women: Picking Up the Pace". This theme is already at the heart of the Group's policy, which today includes more than a quarter of women in its workforce, and calls on all those who would like to join the adventure of ecological transformation. This commitment is celebrated on March 8th and promoted throughout the year at Veolia. A symbolic moment to encourage gender equality and highlight women's historic struggles for their rights.

Veolia invites women to write tomorrow's history

For 170 years, the Group has been committed to progress. From installing piped water in towns and cities, to treating waste and producing energy, to introducing paid vacations before they became widespread, with the same set of rights for all teams worldwide under the Veolia Cares program. Veolia's history has been one of progress and evolution, with a strong desire to include women in positions that are still too often perceived as masculine. 

As Estelle Brachlianoff, Veolia's Chief Executive Officer, emphasizes in this appeal:

"To young women and girls, I'd like to tell you to dare to enter the scientific and technical professions. For it is they, together with you, who will enable us to find concrete solutions to environmental challenges. Believe in science and its capabilities. Believe in yourselves. We need a collective mobilization that is equal to the challenges. “

Estelle Brachlianoff, Direction générale, Veolia

Women shaping Veolia's ecological future

Photo by Marta, Manager of a wastewater treatment plant in Spain

Join the adventure, as did Marta, Head of the Baix Llobregat wastewater treatment plant in Spain. This plant is involved in the large-scale treatment and reuse of wastewater, using ultrafiltration and osmosis methods. It enables Veolia to meet a third of Barcelona's water needs, providing a sustainable solution for irrigation and increasing water resources. Discover Marta's daily life.

Michelle photo, Laboratory Manager in California - at the Edward C. Little West Basin site

Discover the exciting daily life of Michelle, Laboratory Manager, who helps give a second life to wastewater at the Edward C. Little West Basin site in Los Angeles. Michelle and her team produce five types of water to meet the specific needs of industrial and municipal customers, helping to conserve drinking water for local residents. Meet Michelle.

Meet Océane, multi-waste sorting handler. Robotize waste sorting with innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence, like the Max AI® robot at Veolia's ARC EN CIEL 2034 site in Nantes, where Océane and her team use cameras and a robotic arm to sort more waste. These self-learning robots, a first in France and Europe, simplify the sorters' movements, improving workplace safety while considerably increasing the volume of waste sorted. Discover Océane's daily life.


Get ready to take on the biggest challenge of all: ecological transformation!