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Open playground by Veolia

In May 2021, Veolia is launching a new programme for start-ups: Open playground by Veolia.

A six-month tailor-made programme (which can be extended once) for start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs or ISEs (intermediate-sized enterprises), which offer innovations and innovative solutions for green transformation.

The programme

Reserved for a maximum of 10 start-ups in year 1, the objective is to respond to business challenges posed by our Business Units (BUs) around the world and which have the potential to provide new services to our customers.

Open Playground by Veolia means six months of close collaboration with the BU and a single point of contact within the Open Innovation team.

Open Playground is a unique and tailor-made experience within Veolia.

Including: a customised roadmap and support, "learning expeditions" to our sites to meet our in-house experts, our customers and our partners, the means to deliver an initial pilot, etc.

If the pilot is successful, the team will have a further six months of support to finalise an industrial partnership.

This programme is open to any start-up or scale-up capable of delivering an industrial-scale pilot in six months on an international scale.

Initial questions from our business units

Question 1:

Which innovative solutions or technologies, yet simple and cost effective, could be used for the traceability of supply and product chains, upstream and downstream (for example plastic and secondary raw materials)?

Question 2:

Which innovative solutions exist on micro-circularity and autonomous houses?

Question 3:

Which innovative solutions exist for waste (including unsold items) from Fashion, Textiles and luxury industries?

Question 5:

Which solutions could help us detect and remove lithium batteries from non-hazardous waste streams to avoid fire hazards in our sorting centres? (Germany)

Question 6:

Which innovative solutions could help us trace all of our "small" safety equipment with a control and expiry date?

Question 4:

Which innovative solutions exist for upcycling Food&Bev and Agriculture waste?

The Agenda

  1. 28 May 2021: announcement of the challenge at the ChangeNow Summit and opening of registrations
  2. 28 May - 28 June: registration of start-ups using this form
  3. Summer 2021: selection of candidates with our partners, our BUs and our Open Innovation team and discussions with the short-listed candidates
  4. September 2021: final responses to all applicants
  5. October 2021: individual kick-off meetings
  6. October 2021 - March 2022: initial period, setting up the pilot
  7. April 2022: co-evaluation, go/nogo
  8. May 2022: second period, finalisation of the pilot project and partnership
  9. October 2022: deployment of the offering, service, product or technology within Veolia.

Instructions for use

Are you a start-up or scale-up and do think you can help Veolia meet one of the six proposed challenges?

  1. Complete this form before 28 June 2021
  2. If your profile is short-listed, you will be contacted during the summer to refine your application. If not, we will respond in September 2021.
  3. Kick-off meeting in October 2021