Industrial energy performance

We help industrial customers to improve their energy performance while staying competitive. The aim? Protect resources and limit industry’s impact on the environment.

How to stay competitive and boost your sustainability?

Every industry uses energy at every step of its production process. With fluctuations in the availability and price of energy, major manufacturers — particularly in the mining, oil and gas, food and drink and pharmaceutical industries — have to confront a number of challenges:

  • managing energy use at their production facilities;
  • cutting their CO2 emissions;
  • ensuring that production processes comply with increasingly stringent environmental and quality standards;
  • keeping their operating costs under control.

Our solutions for boosting energy performance

By definition, energy performance is the sum of quantified measurements of the energy used by an installation, building or organization.

As a specialist in energy management, we collaborate with countless industrial businesses. We design, operate and maintain their energy infrastructure. We manage steam production, heating, ventilation, cooling, air-conditioning, compressed air, vacuum, cogeneration and power networks, while paying constant attention to energy efficiency and cost reduction.

We perform energy audits to identify areas for improvement. Based on a range of different indicators, these audits allow us develop plans for cutting energy use by upgrading facilities, scheduling maintenance operations and monitoring energy performance.

Working from our Hubgrade management centers, we also create reports pinpointing opportunities for saving energy and reducing costs.


  • Smaller environmental footprint
  • Costs are limited


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Are you are an industrial customer? What benefits does this bring you?

Site industriel de Chongqing en Chine

We did it!



Using cogeneration to supply steam to more than 80 factories

We operate a cogeneration power plant at the Chongqing Changshou Chemical Industrial Park, designed to meet local manufacturers’ growing demand for energy and provide a secure supply of steam for industrial uses. The plant has been supplying steam to over 80 factories since 2013.

France and Slovakia
Improving energy efficiency for PSA Peugeot Citroën

We provide integrated facility management at three PSA Peugeot Citroën factories in France and at the Trnava plant in Slovakia. We carry out services including property management, energy management, water treatment and waste handling, as well as janitorial services for office and production areas. Our energy efficiency drive across these sites created improvements that delivered energy savings of around 17%.