Industrial wastewater treatment and recovery

We treat industrial wastewater, recover the materials it contains and reuse the treated product. The aim? Support our customers' productivity and limit the risks of untreated wastewater harming human health and the environment.
Site de traitement d'eau à Shenzen

In response to increasingly strict discharge regulations and ecological awareness, manufacturers are looking for solutions to treat wastewater.
If untreated, it may contain different types of pollutants (hydrocarbons, salts, oils, solvents, etc.) with varying degrees of toxicity for human health and the environment.

What is industrial wastewater?

The definition of industrial wastewater is simple: it is water from an industry that may contain pollutants. These pollutants vary according to the type of industry concerned - chemical, food processing, nuclear, paper, etc. - and require different types of treatment, with a varying degree of complexity.

Solutions and expertise tailored to each industry

Veolia adapts its expertise to the needs of its clients, combining our knowledge of regulations and our commitment to helping industrial clients reduce their environmental footprint. We provide solutions for all types of industrial wastewater including:

  • Treatment using a range of techniques: thermal, physico-chemical, biological and membranes
  • Recovery of materials in the wastewater (rare metals, etc.)
  • Re-use of treated wastewater on site or for other applications (watering nearby green spaces, etc.)


  • You comply with regulations
  • You reduce your environmental footprint
  • You recover materials from your wastewater

What are the benefits for you as an industrial concern?

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Optimizing the water cycle at the Yanshan petrochemical complex

In 2016, we signed a 25-year contract with Sinopec, the largest refiner in China and Asia, to manage the water cycle (cooling water, demineralized water, process water, drinking water, chilled water, wastewater and firefighting network) at the Yanshan site near Beijing. Processing more than 10 million metric tons of crude oil per year and more than 800,000 metric tons of ethylene, the site requires a significant amount of water. We help Sinopec reduce its water consumption and increase its wastewater recycling.

Jalisco State


Recycling water used to produce milk powder in a Nestlé plant

At its dairy factory in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico, Nestlé produces Nido, one of the world's best-selling infant formula powders. Not a single drop of water is taken from the environment. In fact, since 2013, we have been treating the wastewater from the manufacture of the dairy products and recycling it back into the plant. The treated wastewater is used to water the garden, clean the premises and cool plant.

AngloGold Ashanti


Manage all the water treatment facilities at the Obuasi mine

AngloGold Ashanti, the world's third largest gold producer, contracted us to operate and maintain its four wastewater treatment plants and two drinking water treatment plants for a period of three years in 2019. Water is an essential element for the proper operation of the mine and is used to treat the ore, remove dust and transport sludge.

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Other solutions for industry

  • We treat micropolluants in water: We have developed several types of technology to remove pollutants that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • We provide integrated management for industrial waste recycling to help industry maximize production flowrate and reduce transportation and landfill costs.