Peru: Veolia wins its first seawater desalination contract in the mining sector

In the Ica region in Peru, the Milpo mining company, a subsidiary of the Brazilian Votorantim Metais, has chosen Veolia to operate and maintain its desalinated water production plant for the Cerro Lindo mine.
From sea water collected 40 km from the coast and desalinated using reverse osmosis at an altitude of 1,850 m, Veolia will be producing 60 liters of fresh water per second in 2016 (20% up compared to current capacity). It will protect the waters of the Topará river in a region where agricultural development has been weakened by severe water stress.   The Cerro Lindo mine, extracting lead, zinc and copper, is the first mine in the country not to use river water in its operations. Veolia will ensure the continuous availability of the water production and treatment system in accordance with the most stringent safety and environmental standards.   This contract, unique in Peru, emphasizes Veolia’s capacity to develop customized solutions in Latin America that serve the region’s mining industry.  

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