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Ethics committee

Ethics is a cornerstone of Veolia's approach. The company introduced its own Ethics Guide in 2004 to provide a point of reference for all employees.

A secure digital platform to improve use of the alert mechanism

In order to improve the use of the "Veolia Ethics Alert" mechanism and take into account the most recent legal and regulatory changes covering its activities worldwide, the Group has set up an ethics alert mechanism that is now accessible to third parties.

Veolia employees can confidentially contact the Ethics Committee using either the direct access provided here or via their One To One intranet.

Ethics are a major strategic issue for Veolia Environnement; its reputation and image depend to a large extent on its ability to act in accordance with the values it seeks to defend and promote within the company and with regard to its stakeholders. Veolia Environnement's fundamental values (Responsibility, Solidarity, Respect, Innovation and Customer Focus) reflect its identity and form the basis of its economic, social and environmental performance; they are formalized in its ethics guide, which provides employees worldwide with a common frame of reference. The ethics guide acts as a day-today marker and point of reference.

Veolia Environnement has entrusted ethics guide compliance to an independent body, the Ethics Committee. It receives referrals for the most part through an alert system that ensures complete confidentiality for both the reporter and the person concerned; the Ethics Committee may also take up any ethical issue that may warrant consideration.

The Ethics Committee acts in close cooperation with the Compliance Department in particular and more generally with all the operational departments. The aim is to ensure with the greatest reasonable certainty that the organization is ethics-focused.

The Chairman of the Ethics Committee

If you identify a breach of ethics, you can now directly and confidentially refer the matter to the Ethics Committee via a single link by clicking below:

You can access this system anytime, anywhere in the world and from any computer, tablet or smartphone. It is available in more than twenty languages. Easy to use, it guarantees the confidentiality of exchanges between the Ethics Committee and the reporter, as well as their anonymity if they so choose.

The Veolia Ethics Alert is a tool made available by the Group that ensures everyone is able to exercise their right to alert.


An ethics alert mechanism is a right.
It protects the reporter and Veolia's image and interests.