Ethics committee

Ethics is a cornerstone of Veolia's approach. The company introduced its own Ethics Guide in 2004 to provide a point of reference for all employees.


Ethics is an issue of major strategic importance for Veolia; its reputation and its image depend to a great extent on its ability to act in accordance with the values that it strives to promote and defend, both internally and as regards its stakeholders. The Group’s fundamental values, which show its identity and form the foundations of its economic, social and environmental performance, are formalized in its Ethics Guide, which provides its employees throughout the world with a common reference framework. This guide is intended to be used as a tool to change mentalities and it thus acts as a marker and a point of reference for ethical conduct on a daily basis.

Veolia has entrusted the observance of the Ethics Guide to an independent body, the Ethics Committee, to which matters can be referred using a whistle-blowing procedure that ensures the complete confidentiality both of the whistle-blower and of the person implicated. The Ethics Committee can also deal with any matter of ethics that might merit its attention.

The Ethics Committee and the Compliance Department work together to guarantee, with the maximum reasonable degree of certainty, that the organization constantly focuses on ethical conduct.

The Chairman of the Ethics Committee


Contact information

Veolia Ethics Committee
30 rue Madeleine Vionnet
93300 Aubervilliers - France
[email protected]




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