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The mining industry: transformation for a sustainable future

A cyclical market, deeper, more remote assets, and increased responsibility for local environment and communities: the mining industry today faces a number of challenges that are driving its shift towards greater efficiency and sustainability.

Mining: a sensitive activity

As accessible deposits of natural resources are gradually depleting, the mining industry has to put in more effort and use more energy to extract the same amount of minerals. Mining requires large amounts of energy and water, often in arid and remote areas, and generates a large amount of potentially hazardous waste. Its environmental impact must be managed by implementing efficient and innovative solutions in order to support the productivity of the sites and minimize the legacy left to future generations.

Ensuring the activity’s future

Faced with stricter regulatory environment and increased public pressure, Mining companies are under strain to obtain and maintain their license to operate. They develop long-term strategies to reduce their risk exposure, and implement better practices today to reduce the remediation costs of tomorrow. By minimizing pollution, demonstrating environmental responsibilities and improving cooperation with local communities, they can secure a project’s uptime and acceptance, sustainably.

Operating at the highest level of health & safety Veolia helps Mining companies to reconcile business productivity and environmental sustainability, from exploration to operations and closure phases. 

Veolia works with Miners to design and implement water management, resource recovery, waste management, industrial cleaning, and energy efficiency solutions.

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Veolia is the partner of choice for over 100 mining sites worldwide

 Veolia's know-how in the mining industry

The Brine Concentrator, developed by Veolia, is a critical component of ERA's future as the successful treatment of process water is key to rehabilitating the site and ensuring our water balances are in full control. Without the Brine Concentrator I don't believe ERA has a future.

Our solutions in the mining industry

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