Veolia supports Cameroon in improving the drinking water supply in Yaoundé

The Cameroon Ministry of Water and Energy has just awarded Seureca, Veolia’s consulting engineers group, the project management contract to build a drinking water treatment plant that will triple drinking water production for Yaoundé.
The new plant will enable the drinking water needs of the Cameroon capital’s population to be met. The production of drinking water will reach 300,000 m3 per day, or the equivalent of the consumption of a city the size of Marseille (France). Seureca will supervise the studies and the construction of the water network (58 km) and transfer pipes (63 km), with two pumping stations and distribution tanks.   
« “This success, within the context of a major water supply project in Africa, is confirmation of Seureca’s expertise in international project management contracts in the field of water. This project will benefit from our extensive experience in major projects in Africa for water treatment, conveyance and distribution,” explained Philippe Bloch, Director General of Seureca.


Seureca, Veolia’s engineering consulting service, has been active in Africa for more than 50 years: in Nairobi in Kenya (since 1984), in Libreville in Gabon (since 2004), and in Rabat, Tangier and Tétouan in Morocco. In other countries, it also has many references in large cities in the Sultanate of Oman, Crivina (Romania) and Caracas (Venezuela).
For water, waste and energy management solutions, Seureca assists its customers with the production of master plans and feasibility studies, in the design and project management, and provides technical and operational assistance.     


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Date of publication: 13 November 2015