Community Education

At Veolia we believe in the value of environmental education and offer a range of education resources to teach individuals, schools, councils and businesses about their roles in waste management and environmental preservation.

We recognise that the community has the key role to play in the protection of the environment, but that equally, we have an environmental education responsibility to provide the wider community with the knowledge and tools it needs in our ongoing battle to preserve the environment.

Recycling is not only a great way to help our environment, but it can also be fun! We work closely with many schools, offering fact sheets and information on how to recycle and how to be wise with waste. We also can arrange for schools to visit some of our waste transfer stations, and our Woodlawn Bio-Reactor Facility in Tarago, NSW and the Ti-Tree Bio-reactor in Archerfield, QLD. Contact us if you are interested in arranging a school visit.

In the meantime, check out our waste fact sheets, fun activities or even make your own waste truck below to understand the importance of recycling!

Crossword -  Sustainability Fact Sheet - Find a Word - What is Sustainability? - Sorting Guide - The Recoverables

Please note, some of the materials available below were developed as part of Veolia and Newcastle Jets Football Club School Sustainability Challenge. Please contact us if you would like a copy for your own use.

We have a range of assets, which can assist you and your staff to learn more about correct waste management practices and can offer training to stakeholders to help you control correct segregation of waste and increase diversion from landfill. For more information on business education,  please contact us.

VEA Facts Sheets - 240l bin stickers - VEA Poster 

Veolia works closely with many councils throughout Australia in developing tailor made solutions for their communities waste management plans. We provide councils with relevant recycling and waste collection information on request, to distribute to residents.

For example, in NSW, Veolia developed a suite of educational tools and assets for 13 Northern Sydney and Southern Sydney Councils, to help their residents on the path to better waste management practices. 

Contact us about customising our education resources to suit your individual needs.

Educating the next generation 

All around the world, Veolia is committed to educating children of all ages about the importance of environmental stewardship. Locally, we are actively involved in educating our local communities about the benefits of correct waste management practices. We understand that lifelong habits are established from a young age and so it is our priority to communicate the correct ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, ensuring that that they too can rethink water, waste and energy usage and consumption each and every day. 

In 2018, Veolia is introducing the School Sustainability Challenge to local primary schools in Newcastle, NSW. Designed to empower students and arm them with a new way of identifying and addressing sustainability challenges within their own schools, we are encouraging them to think differently about how the use water and energy at school, and how they can cleverly reduce waste. 

Watch this space...
We'll be publishing some of the great ideas and entries we'll receive from the schools.

You can access some of the educational materials developed for this program in the school resources section on this page.