Veolia Graduate Program

At Veolia we are pioneers and innovators. We design, create and deliver sustainable solutions across water, waste and energy to ensure a better future for our planet. At Veolia you will not only have the ability to build your career, but to also be part of a bigger movement to build a better world.

At Veolia, we are champions of Ecological Transformation

We design, create and deliver sustainable solutions across water, waste and energy to ensure a better future for our planet. Our Purpose is to replenish, renew and recover our precious resources - changing the way humans interact with the environment. At Veolia you'll not only build your career, - you'll be part of a bigger movement to build a better world.


The Veolia difference

You’re an ambitious problem-solver, passionate about the environment and wanting to set yourself up for a world full of possibilities. 

You want to be part of a program that will fast-track your career,  build your skills as a future leader, and provide you the opportunity to work across innovative and first of their kind projects. Being part of a diverse and inclusive workforce is also important to you - you recognise that good ideas can come from anywhere, and that feeling safe and included gets the best results.

Our intake for 2022 is now closed. Please check back later for our next round of opportunities, or visit our careers page

What types of activities will Veolia provide?

Throughout our two year graduate program, you will receive a well-balanced approach to continuous learning through these activities:

  • Education - Our Graduate Development Program will form the backbone of your professional development with Veolia and will include face to face training sessions, mentorship from senior leaders throughout the business and opportunities to work on live projects while being supported by your managers and team mates.

  • Experience - You will rotate through our business (including interstate), working on state of the art projects and visiting some of our world class facilities and sites such as Water Treatment Facilities, Waste to Energy Plants, Desalination Plants and Woodlawn which is one of the largest eco-precincts in Australia and features Solarfarms, Windfarms, Aquaculture, Agriculture and Landfill Gas Engines that produce clean energy. 

  • Exposure - You will have access to our Senior Leadership Team including networking and social events, coaching and mentorship opportunities. You will also have the opportunity to participate in an exciting Innovation Challenge that will take place in your second year with us. 

What can Veolia’s Graduate program offer you?

  • Permanent position offered upon successful completion of your 2 year program 

  • A competitive salary, annual increases, the opportunity to be a part of our annual bonus program and access to perks such as Veolia’s employee benefits including our health and wellbeing program

  • Different career development paths, assistance with further education and global mobility