Who we are

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Veolia is here to ensure that humans can continue to thrive.

Our Mission: Resourcing the world

Improving access to resources: Veolia offers operational solutions that consume fewer environmental resources and are more economically efficient, so as to expand both the potential and the accessibility of the resources available.

Preserving resources: Veolia develops solutions to conserve resources and optimise their use, while protecting their quality and efficiency throughout the usage cycle.

Replenishing resources: Veolia provides solutions for creating new “secondary” resources that will gradually offset the increasing scarcity of natural “primary” resources, generating new opportunities for social and economic development that protect the environment.

Veolia Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) is a $3 billion business whose ‘purpose’, put simply, is to enhance the environment we live in to ensure that humans can continue to thrive. We are here to clean up, to recover, to recycle, and to provide renewable energy and clean water for our municipal, industrial and commercial customers.

We enable human progress whilst protecting, preserving and replenishing resources

In Australia and New Zealand, we partner with our customers and cities to develop clean, low-carbon, water resilient and digital operations; balancing the needs of growth with environmental sustainability and community acceptance.

We encourage our people to reshape, reimagine and redefine solutions

We have over 5,750+ innovators in Australia and New Zealand whose passion, creativity, connection to our environment and community, fuel the solutions we deliver, to ensure we make a safe, lasting and positive impact. 

We show up for our customers; sharing in their challenges and celebrating our joint success

We guarantee long-term results for our customers by leveraging our experience, the quality of our services and capacity for innovation. We strive to understand our customers' business, uncovering challenges as opportunity for transformation and success. We demonstrate that economic growth and environmental preservation are not mutually exclusive. 


  • 5,750 + employees
  • $3 billion revenue business
  • More than 300 locations
  • Over 9000 suppliers


  • Progressed study on estimating our Scope 3 emissions
  • 2050 Target Net Zero
  • 114,000MWh of Energy produced


  • Operate 130+ Waste and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • 165,353 m3 wastewater treated
  • 215,315 m3 drinking water produced
  • More than 30+ Resource Recovery Facilities


  • 4,936,000t Non hazardous waste treated
  • 69% of our biodiversity actions were implemented (target 60%)
  • 378,000t Hazardous waste treated

The River 

A film that reflect who we are 

It follows a group of children who hatch a seemingly crazy plan over the long summer afternoons. An unstoppable collective, deeply optimistic, never giving up and always acting together, they meet every challenge. This is the same mindset that drives Veolia's Resourcers around the world, enabling us to meet the challenges of ecological transformation.


You are apart of our journey to resourcing the world!