Meet some of the team

We are a business built on its people. 
We want our team members to have passion and enjoy what they do, enjoy diverse experiences, feel empowered and a desire to lead change. Here is your chance to meet some of the team and see why they continue to choose Veolia.

  • Meet the team - Ramona
    Meet Ramona NSW Environment Officer Project Manager, Resource Recovery – Engineering and Technical Division  
    Ramona has been with Veolia for almost six years, and in the role of Project Manager for Engineering and Technical Projects within the NSW Resource Recovery division for the last year and a half.

    Getting Started

    Starting off as a geologist, the waste industry did not feature on Ramona’s career menu, until as a post graduate student, inspired by her experience at a university careers open day, Ramona added a few waste management subjects to her program. Still, it was not until in her final year when a recruitment agency approached her with a role at Veolia that she gave it serious consideration. After her last exam Ramona went for an interview and started at Veolia a month later in the environmental monitoring team and she has not looked back.

    What she likes about her Job

    “I enjoy the extreme variety and the fact that I am constantly learning.” As a Project Manager with a team of 6, Ramona’s scope of work covers a variety of projects to support Veolia’s resource recovery services. Her first major project was the development of the newest landfill cell at the Horsley Park Waste Management Facility (HPWMF), located in Western Sydney. The project’s goal was to extend the tipping life of the landfill site by 4 years. Ramona worked on the design specifications and project planning; and also oversaw the implementation work, geotechnical testing, excavation works, and the construction quality assurance reporting and regulatory approvals, to achieve an environmentally secure system.
    “I have found an industry where, because you support the facilities that you are working on you get to know them quite intimately, as opposed to the idea that after one project finishes you move onto another business, another site."
    Ramona admires Veolia’s dedication to a sustainable approach to business from the top down, “Coming from a consultancy background, I have worked with a lot of large scale civil contractors; and in that environment it’s about getting the job done and getting it done cheap. The sustainability aspect is generally incorporated within the design and is driven by management, not necessarily the technical team."
    Ramona’s work at Veolia places her in the action of a dynamic industry.

    “We are in a really exciting space at the moment, not just with transfer stations and landfills, but also our growth in alternative waste technologies and recycling.” 

    It is challenging to reconcile the rapid pace of technological development and industry needs with the slower pace of regulatory support, but Ramona sees this being well met with innovation, and this she says, “is constantly about learning."
    Taking a lateral approach to all things in life that she’s passionate about from cooking, to communications –  Ramona is a correspondent for Veolia NSW Newsletter and the official Resource Recovery “paparazzi”, to her engineering projects, as she put it, she takes the basic rules and then 'Ramona-risers' them.
    “I think if you asked anyone in my division to describe me you would get ‘eccentric’ as, "I’m not your typical 'nerdy' engineer.”
    Ramona's diverse capabilities complement her creative and technical sides, whereby Veolia has given her the freedom to develop as an asset within the waste industry, “Waste is one of those areas that has to be approached holistically. You can not just have your technical blinkers on, you have to know what’s happening in politics, as there is a lot of governance issues.”
    And for Ramona, a key aspect of this holistic approach is understanding the social dimension – the people, “even though it’s not labelled an essential service, people get really upset with waste issues." Growing up in Fiji, Ramona is accustomed to being part of a diverse society and this is something that she employs in her relationship with the broader community. “I’m able to relate to a wider range of the community, whether it’s language issues or barriers,” and she employs this skill when interacting with the general public by conducting testing, or checking or gathering
    information from local communities.

    What’s next for Ramona?

    Her latest project ensures the challenges keep coming, taking her to Veolia’s Woodlawn site to work on the expansion of the site’s capacity to generate green energy from biogas captured in the landfill. “Everything that I have learnt has been sorely tested here. And that’s one of the things I like about my role.”

  • Meet the Team - Rebecca
    Meet Rebecca Logistics Officer Veolia Logistics Officer Rebecca is a Veolia Logistics Officer (VLO)

    Getting Started

    Working in the waste industry for 15 years, Rebecca started her career as a personal assistant before moving across to other support roles and finally into logistics. Two years ago she joined Veolia as a logistics officer to provide logistical support to the Veolia fleet operations in greater Sydney.

    What she likes about her Job

    “I enjoy my role. Every day is a challenge. Every day I’m learning something new.” The daily life of a VLO might appear as controlled chaos; coordinating driver shifts and dispatch of work, equipping the fleet, assessing customer sites, and delivering trouble shooting solutions for system glitches, blocked access to customer sites, missed collections, road accidents, and shift coverage for sick drivers. Rebecca wouldn't have it any other way, “I like being challenged, keeping the brain focused and keeping the brain running.”
    Of all the companies Rebecca has worked for, she credits Veolia as the best.

    “Veolia is the best in terms of being a family orientated company and looking after their employees.”

    And this quality features highly in her work philosophy, where each day a large part of her role is to look after the safety and wellbeing of Veolia’s drivers, “making sure they go home safely to their families every day.”
    Aside from making sure drivers are rested well and fit for duty; Rebecca participates in regular safe work meetings with the drivers, “I pretty much run toolbox meetings for the drivers.” She has been involved in a major campaign on fatigue management throughout the fleet operations.
    Rebecca also participates in client tender committees, supervisor meetings, system user groups, and has been involved in improvements to client services, including the introduction of the ‘floating’ truck to provide support for fleet, “Where we might have had an issue with a site we can still get the services carried out as having that extra vehicle makes it a lot easier.”
    On several occasions, her team has been back up for drivers, who while out on their runs have come to the assistance of people trapped in burning buildings, making sure that they are safe, “we care for them as much as they care for other people.”
    In a high risk competitive industry, striking the right balance between ensuring uninterrupted service to our clients and the ongoing safety and wellbeing of the drivers is very much an issue for Rebecca. “There are days where we are all under the pump.” But for Rebecca it is worth it, just to know that you’ve helped a customer, or you have sorted out an issue, not put a driver at risk or harm of injuring themselves.
    To achieve success as a logistics officer, Rebecca recommends having a broad knowledge of the operational side of the business. “You need to think of circumstances and how they are going to affect something else in the chain.”
    But most of all for Rebecca it’s all in the teamwork. As one of three women ‘running the show’ in logistics, she works with a very supportive team, “having a good team that will back you one hundred percent,is essential. If someone is off sick, someone else is going to step up to the plate and is going to be able to assist you.” In this profession, “being well trained and experienced across the board – is a great asset.”

    Life Outside of Veolia

    Rebecca’s own family life as a mother of two is another logistics exercise. In order to start her day early she enlists the support of a baby sitter before and after school, but as Veolia provides her the flexibility in her hours, she arrives home each day by 5pm to spend time with her children. She jokes, “It’s good - the baby sitter does the homework thing and mummy gets the playtime.”
  • Meet the team - Marcus
    Meet Marcus Mechanical Engineering Manager Mechanical Engineering Manager Marcus is a Mechanical Engineering Manager, based at Veolia's National Office in Pyrmont, Sydney.

    My time at Veolia

    I commenced my career at Veolia as  Senior Energy Engineer five years ago, heading up the energy performance contract (EPC) and overseeing the design and implementation of commercial buildings. Today, my role spans all three of Veolia’s business units - water, waste and energy - and I oversee the mechanical engineering services within the National Engineering Department.

    In my day-to-day role I am responsible in providing mechanical engineering supports and services for tenders, design, implementation, operations and maintenance. In my five years with Veolia, I have been privileged to be part of the organisation’s global transformation, when it became a single entity in 2014, bringing together the previously separate waste, water and energy businesses.

    My passion lies in sustainability engineering and I enjoys the sense of achievement from what the business offers me both professionally, and to the wider community.

    I’m proud to work in an organisation where you can make a difference to people’s daily lives in communities, cities and in every country where Veolia has a presence - all 48 of them!

    Building on a successful career

    I have more than 25 years’ experience as a mechanical engineer, having worked in both the South East Asian and Australian markets. Prior to my time at Veolia I worked in projects across marine engineering operations and maintenance, building and construction, energy efficiency and renewable energy, so a career at Veolia made perfect sense.

    Self development and industry connections are key for me. I am a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Fellow Member and Engineering Executive of Engineers Australia and Certified Energy Efficiency Specialist, amongst others.

    The Veolia difference

    I’ve been able to leverage Veolia’s global expertise, and so am also member of Veolia’s Global Centre of Excellence (Building Energy Services), contributing knowledge and experience in EPC to be shared with the business in other countries.
  • Meet the Team - Glen
    Meet Glen Driver, Industrial Liquid Collections Driver, Industrial Liquid Collections   
    Glen is a driver for Veolia’s Industrial Liquid division and is based at one of Veolia’s largest depots.

    Getting Started

    Glen took his first job with Veolia not expecting to be with us for long, “I only accepted it as a temporary job, but I’m still here eighteen years later.” During the first eight of these years, Glen worked for the Industrial Services division before joining the Liquid Division where he’s been for the last ten years.
    “I’ve always been a driver. It gets into your system. It’s something I know and it’s something I enjoy.”

    A Typical Day

    Starting his daily shift at 6am, Glen collects his paperwork before jumping in the truck and heading out to collect liquid waste from Veolia’s customers. This involves picking up septic waste collections from sewerage treatment plants and transporting these to other plants for treatment, otherwise known in the business as “sludge transfers.”
    Glen’s path cuts across the greater city; from the centre to the south and over to the west. And while each job involves the same process, Glen enjoys the variety that working in the liquid division brings him, “I do love industrial liquid. I love the variety, the equipment and the people I work with.”
    Despite working alone, as many of Veolia’s drivers do, he knows the others well, especially the industrial liquid drivers, “we keep close contact with each other.”

    What he Likes About his Job

    In addition to the job satisfaction and the decent pay, Glen stays in the job because of the way Veolia looks after the safety and wellbeing of our drivers.

    “They do look after you. They keep a well maintained premises and provide exceptional safety gear. If we need anything we just ask for it and get it very quickly.”

    Glen is also impressed with the way Veolia’s management teams actively work with drivers to improve the business and working environment, they do this by holding regular workshops and toolbox meetings.
    With any job there are demands. Navigating traffic and the roads in a truck requires patience and sound driving skills as, “The CBD’s traffic is challenging, especially in a semi-trailer.” But this is made easier by the quality of Veolia’s fleet, “The good thing about Veolia is the equipment they’ve got, it is up to date. It’s good equipment. Truck wise it’s a modern fleet, which is comfortable.”
    Glen, as one of the faces of Veolia for our clients enjoys, ‘good rapport with customers’ however, one of a driver’s biggest challenges, aside from negotiating traffic, is accessing customers’ premises, “I drive a trailer so getting in and out of places can sometimes be difficult; and then there can be different pump out points, different tanks, different hose connections, which can be a bit of a challenge.” So the ability to think about solutions to meet our customers’ needs is a must have skill for Veolia’s drivers.

    Life Outside of Veolia

    Outside of life on the road, Glen a husband, father and grandfather; he relaxes with a weekly game of golf, camping trips with his wife and dog, or by simply, “sitting in a seat that doesn’t move,” - unless his wife can persuade him to take the occasional weekend drive!
  • Meet the Team - Mariella
    Meet Mariella Sales Administrator, Resource Recovery Division Sales Administrator, Resource Recovery Division  
    Mariella is a Sales Administrator within the Veolia Environmental Services Resource Recovery Division.

    Getting Started

    With her career at Veolia spanning twenty-five years, as Mariella puts it, “I’ve spent at least half of my life with the company and it’s been a really good journey.”
    Initially starting as a computer supervisor in the early days of Veolia’s inception, Mariella then moved to a support analyst’s role before later joining the sales team as a major accounts coordinator. In July 2012, she became part of the Resource Recovery Team.

    What She Likes About her Job

    “Helping others is my main focus and I really love it.” Another of Mariella’s motivations has been her love of a challenge, “I love a problem and I love solving it. I get a real buzz out of that,” and this is the secret to her career longevity.
    Accustomed to working in small teams, Mariella at times has been a lone support person for the Veolia IT Service Desk. In her current role, she works with one other colleague with whom she shares the task load, as she says, “we just get into it together and get it done.” As Sales Administrator, Mariella’s role of streamlining many of Veolia’s job processes helps the whole sales team and the efficiency of our IT system.
    It is no surprise that Mariella works for Veolia because of the people;

    “I enjoy the people I work with. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a team of good people. We all get along well, we are all on the same wavelength and we can laugh at a joke.

    Throughout her career, Veolia has also afforded her the flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of her home life. She has been able to work casually, part time and full time and enjoy flexible hours, and that she says “has been one of the major factors why I have stayed with the company.” This has been a reciprocal arrangement, with Mariella giving, “as much as I could in return – we’ve both worked well together in that respect.”
    Mariella also credits Veolia’s wellbeing programs in helping her sustain a healthy work life balance; and she is also proud of the charity work Veolia undertakes; “People don’t necessarily see some of the great community initatives Veolia takes part in. I get to see first hand, and be involved in some of these initiatives, which is what I enjoy about working at Veolia!”
    “Having been with the company for so long I have seen so many things and Veolia itself has evolved so much. I still think wow - from humble beginnings, look where we are now.”

    Life Outside of Veolia

    A keen runner, Mariella participates in the annual MS run, “I’m very happy to be part of it. I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve got two beautiful, healthy, children and I’m blessed by that and if I can help other people, then why not?”
  • Meet the Team - Chelsea
    Meet Chelsea NSW Sustainability Manager NSW Sustainability Manager  
    Chelsea is the NSW Sustainability Manager, working within the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality team.

    Getting Started

    Chelsea’s introduction to Veolia came through the University of New South Wales Co-op Program Scholarship while she was in her final year of high school.

    “My first contact with Veolia was on an interview panel when I was in year 12, which was set up to choose students for an environmental engineering degree.”

    Successful in gaining the scholarship, as part of her studies Chelsea worked for Veolia, “I really loved it - and once I had graduated they offered me a job.” She joined the company in 2004 as an Environmental Officer.

    Changing Roles

    Veolia has provided a unique career experience for Chelsea; with the backing of supportive managers, Chelsea has been able to cultivate her professional path within the company; not only shaping her role but also making a significant contribution to the direction of the business. Chelsea’s focus in her initial role as Environmental Officer was to ensure Veolia met our environmental legislative obligations; however over time she, “saw an opportunity for improvement,” both within her role, and the role of the NSW business, taking her position beyond compliance into the sustainability area.
    And as the NSW Sustainability Manager, Chelsea is responsible for developing the NSW business’ sustainability strategy, leading the sustainability steering committee and project managing initiatives around the state, including the generation of green electricity through the installation of solar panels at the Arndell Park site.
    One of Chelsea’s early initiatives was signing Veolia up to the NSW state government’s Sustainable Advantage Program, and from this the Veolia NSW’s team has thrived, with sustainability forming a core strand of the NSW state business strategy.

    What She Likes About her Job

    A typical day for Chelsea involves a great deal of interaction with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. “Just being out and about, that’s why I chose the environmental field in the first place. I didn’t want to just be stuck in an office.”
    Chelsea’s initiative and hard work has gained industry recognition. She has received a Sustainability Champions Award from the NSW State Government, “that was a great highlight for me personally, because it wasn’t just an internal award but something that was being recognised at a state level.”
    Through Veolia, Chelsea has had opportunities to develop her skills. She recently completed, the Lean Sigma Six business management training, “I really loved that and I can’t wait to get in and apply those principles to a project.”

    Life Outside of Veolia

    In addition, Veolia has provided a flexible work environment for Chelsea which has enabled her to work part time to pursue musical and community interests outside of work.
  • Meet the Team - Jiah
    Meet Jiah Service Technician Service Technician  
    Jiah is an Energy Services Technician within our Dalkia’s Gold Coast operations. Jiah works with a team of Technicians and Apprentices to ensure their vast customer base is serviced on time, and issue free.

    Getting Started

    Jiah joined Dalkia because of its reputation and application of the best equipment in the industry. Despite having many job opportunities prior to his role with Dalkia, Jiah chose to work with our organisation as he felt it would provide the best professional and personal development.

    “I knew there was no other company where I would get to work on the variety of equipment I would with Dalkia, and I have never looked back”.


    A Typical Day

    Jiah’s typical day varies greatly which keeps him on his toes. He has had the opportunity to work closely with the Controls Specialists so he is exposed to a wide range of activities. “One day I might be servicing a multi-story building and the next, I’m adjusting building management programs to ensure the customer gets the most energy efficiency out of the Air conditioning system”.
    “The variety of different tasks we get to perform each day is amazing and I’m yet to see another company where you are given both access and support to work with the different equipment we service”.

    Life Outside of Dalkia

    Jiah loves travelling and seeing different parts of the world. He also loves skiing and holidays with friends and family.
  • Meet the team - Chris
    Meet Chris Operations Supervisor Operations Supervisor Chris is an Operations Supervisor in Cambridge, Tasmania. 

    My time at Veolia

     A career at Veolia is as rewarding and diverse as you’d like it to be - that’s been my experience over the last decade.

    In 2009 I started as a Driver/Operator for Veolia’s Waste Services division in South Tasmania. I quickly learned the ropes for everything there is to know in relation to waste services and waste management and worked across a variety of waste streams; from medical, to commercial, to security shredding and recycling.

    In 2010 I was approached by management and offered a position as a Customer Service Representative. My prior management experience and operational knowledge was recognised and I quickly realised the position would provide a good "stepping stone" into a Vehicle Logistics Officer role when one became available.

    I worked in the customer service centre for six months learning how to use Veolia’s systems and getting a clear understanding of "the other side" of the business, while developing strong working relationships with Account Managers and other office staff.


    Laying the foundation for a successful career


    From the very beginning, I was keen to step up and progress my career. Naturally, Veolia seemed like the right place to do so and with all the training and development opportunities that came across my way I realised it was a company that was serious about upskilling, cross-skilling and investing in its people.  

    In 2010 I secured the role as Vehicle Logistics Officer that I was hoping for, looking after rear lift, front lift, medical, sanitary and bin deliveries. I’m pleased to say I’ve been in my current role as Operations Supervisor since 2012 and have never looked back.

    The Veolia difference  

    Given we operate 24/7, 365 days a year there is never a dull moment and Veolia never stops moving - that’s an aspect of this business that I’ve always enjoyed.

    Throughout my time at Veolia I have eagerly taken advantage of every training course and opportunity that has been presented to me. I have completed certificates and obtained all relevant licences, and participated in many projects, including a Rapid Action Team working on reducing muscular strains in side load operators.

    Learning and development has always been my priority. At the beginning of 2017, with support from the HR team, I began a Diploma of Logistics through Open Universities/RMIT. I am currently studying part time (two nights a week and weekends) and hope to complete the Diploma by 2019. From there, I’m setting my sights on a Bachelor of Business (Supply Chain and Logistics).

    Final thoughts  
    I believe that whatever role you are in, embrace every opportunity that is presented. The projects I have worked on at Veolia have been a fantastic way of increasing knowledge of the business and developing contacts.
  • Meet the team - Linda
    Meet Linda Process Engineer, NSW Process Engineer, NSW  
    Linda is a Process Engineer, who has worked at Chinchilla in remote Queensland and is now based at the Australian National Office in Pyrmont, NSW.

    My time at Veolia

    My first encounter with Veolia  was at university when I was offered an industry-sponsored degree through the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Co-op program and Veolia was a sponsor. As part of the program, I was given the opportunity of a six month placement at the Sydney Desalination Plant, and commenced my posting in July 2011. It was in this role I was given the responsibility of making a real difference on a major project – optimising a process that had quality implications for the final product.

    Throughout the project, I developed an unlikely niche as the resident lime expert, discovering my passion in water treatment. So when the opportunity came up to work for Veolia after graduating, I didn’t hesitate.

    Fast forward several years and my time at Veolia has taken me to remote Queensland and back again. For four years, I was responsible for providing technical and process advice to the operations team. Yet again, I was fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful group of people who supported each other throughout work related challenges as well as the personal challenges related to the fly-in fly-out lifestyle.


    Laying the foundation for a successful career


    Now back home in Sydney and working in the National Office, my role involves providing engineering and technical support on Veolia water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as developing process designs and cost estimates for new business development opportunities.


    "A typical doesn't really exist with my role, which I love."


    What’s the best thing about working at Veolia?

    The best part of my job is helping people to find solutions to everyday problems, whether that be in the form of a small project as part of an operations contract, or a larger business development opportunity. A typical day doesn’t really exist for my role.

    I love being part of a company that supports the development of young engineers through internships and scholarships.

  • Meet the Team - Jamie Lee
    Meet Jamie Lee Customer Service Officer/Receptionist, New Zealand Customer Service Officer/Receptionist, New Zealand  
    Jamie Lee is a Customer Service Officer/Receptionist.

    Getting Started

    Jamie Lee joined Veolia in April 2013 and has a dual role within the organisation. Her main role is meeting and greeting clients and customers as they come into the main entrance of the Papakura service centre, assisting people who come in to pay their water accounts and processing their payments. Additionally Jamie Lee also provides valuable customer support to help solve customer issues.

    What she likes about her job

    Jamie Lee enjoys the interaction with the wider public and being able to answer and help them understand any questions they might have. Based in our South Auckland office, Jamie Lee gets a chance to meet with a very diverse customer base, which is challenging but very rewarding.

    "Every day brings a different challenge... no day is exactly the same working in customer service. You never know what is around the corner!"


    What’s the best thing about living in New Zealand?

    Jamie Lee loves the multi-cultural diversity of New Zealand and believes that the most important thing is life and people. "He aha te mea nui o teni ao? Maku e ki atu. He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata! What is the greatest thing in this world? I will tell you, It is people, it is people, it is people."
  • Meet the Team - Jeremy
    Meet Jeremy SHEQ Advisor, New Zealand SHEQ Advisor, New Zealand
    Jeremy is a SHEQ Advisor for Veolia's water team in New Zealand.

    Getting Started

    Jeremy started with Veolia in 2008 as a network Operator in Queenstown. In 2009 he became the Leak Detection Technician kicking off the leak detection programme for Queenstown District Council. In 2011 he moved to Auckland to take on the Operations Coordinator role for Papakura and in June 2014 joined the Veolia SHEQ team as the SHEQ advisor for all of New Zealand.

    What he likes about his job

    With Veolia's commitment to health and safety, a SHEQ advisor is an extremely important role within Veolia. It predominantly involves travelling to all of our New Zealand sites, supporting and advising the staff on any Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) matters. Perfect for Jeremy, a role as an SHEQ advisor ensures he is at the forefront of managing operational change.

    "I’m very passionate about health and safety and don’t think that in this day and age people should be getting hurt in the workplace. This position allows me the opportunity to get out amongst all of our staff in New Zealand and have some positive influence over Veolia’s strong health and safety culture."

    Jeremy's current focus is on visiting all of our sites in New Zealand and getting to know the wider team. He is also responsible for rolling out a new company 'Hazard and Incident Management Data Base' and implementing operational plant assessment training.

    What’s the best thing about living in New Zealand?

    Jeremy enjoys New Zealand's 'quieter' lifestyle. He jokes, “I enjoy the isolation from the rest of the world especially being able to escape my crazy family in England. The temperate climate, great friendly people with positive attitudes and great lifestyle make living in New Zealand awesome!”
  • Meet the Team - Stuart
    Meet Stuart Maintenance Planner, New Zealand Maintenance Planner, New Zealand Stuart is a Maintenance Planner with Veolia’s water team in New Zealand.  

    Getting Started

    Stuart joined Veolia in 2012 due to the opportunities a company like Veolia could offer him, including the wide variety of cutting-edge technology, different clients and unique challenges.

    What he likes about his job

    Stuart's role involves overseeing the maintenance of above ground assets throughout Veolia’s New Zealand water contracts. Above ground assets include all of the equipment within Veolia's water and wastewater treatment plants and pump stations; everything except the reticulation and collection pipe networks. Considering the diversity of Veolia's various New Zealand contracts, Stuart is often on the move, out and about on client sites.

    "I enjoy learning from and working together with our people to improve Veolia’s maintenance practices."

    Stuart continues to oversee the implementation of e-Inspector, a vibration analysis system for a Wellington client. e-Inspector measures vibration levels at specific frequencies enabling the diagnosis of many different types of machine faults at very early stages of their development. "This type of technology is important in setting best practices. It gives our Wellington team timely notice of arising problems and can lead to drastic reductions in maintenance costs by being able to remedy small problems in a planned fashion."  
    Stuart is also part of a specialist team who are currently in the process of introducing Veolia’s worldwide Computerized Maintenance Management System, called GAMA, to all of our New Zealand clients. Clients in Wellington were the first to go-live in May 2014.

    What’s the best thing about living in New Zealand ?

    Ensuring you get the chance to unwind after a long day is important to Stuart and there is nowhere better than New Zealand. "Apart from Auckland, there is plenty of space for everyone and wherever you are you’re not too far from the sea."