Waste Management Equipment

Veolia maintains both a modern collection fleet and quality equipment, required to fulfil the scope of all your waste management needs. We ensure our well-maintained and comprehensive fleet of vehicles and equipment are available across all states 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our modern fleet and equipment are well-supported by a highly trained maintenance team, working from modern facilities that are also available 24 hours a day, as required.  Should there be a break down, we also have a number of backup vehicles / equipment that are available for exchange, so that your collections can continue with minimal disruption to their business.

How are Veolia’s fleet managed?

Veolia uses routine maintenance programs to maintain our fleet and ensure uninterrupted supply of services.  

All vehicles and equipment are inspected daily, serviced and maintained to ensure continued operational performance. Drivers and operators ensure that operational logbooks are kept up-to-date, and they are required to record and report fleet and equipment defects and perform minor corrective maintenance, as and when applicable.

We maintain a routine maintenance database, which enables the following:

  • Tracking of all repair and maintenance activity
  • Maintenance trends analysis
  • Equipment usage optimisation and contingency planning.

We also have a defects management and equipment maintenance protocol that allows fast repair and response times in a case of a defect.

How are Veolia’s bins and waste containers maintained?

Veolia ensures drivers report any hazards or loss of functionality from bins within their service area as a means of reactive maintenance. These reports are logged on a daily basis at the completion of collection runs. Any damage or wear and tear to a bin that requires repair will be reported to our fabrication department, and the bin will be collected and replaced from our backup stock to ensure service continuity at the client site. The damaged bin will then be repaired at our bin fabrication site before being returned to our backup stock.

Bins throughout our service areas are designed and built to meet industry specifications and standards. The manufacturers issue maintenance guidelines, including intended length of service for bins. Veolia maintains a substantial bin stock to provide for both programmed and emergency bin deliveries or change in requirements. Veolia also provides a 24 hour hotline number for your staff to report any bins or equipment that require replacement or repair.