Energy from waste projects for Australian communities

Every time an item that you throw away gets sent to landfill, valuable resources are wasted. These include energy, recyclables and a number of finite natural resources such as trees, oil and coal.

Without harnessing these resources the world relies on a linear process, by taking more raw materials from the environment to manufacture new products.

Veolia energy from waste facilities harness the power of waste, to create jobs, support communities and generate energy.

What is energy from waste?

Energy from waste (EfW) is a sustainable waste management solution to use non-recyclable or residual wastes to recover energy from material that would otherwise be landfilled.

EfW has been used for decades around the world to convert waste to heat and electricity. This reduces the need for energy from fossil fuels to cut carbon emissions and move away from landfilling.

How does energy from waste work?


The EfW is an important process of renewable, sustainable energy that involves combusting waste to generate steam, which powers steam turbo-generators. This produces electricity to be used in communities.


What are the benefits of energy from waste?

Less waste; more energy

Fewer fossil fuels; more energy recovery

Less waste to landfill; more sustainable

Fewer emissions; more efficient

Less impact on people and the planet

More employment and support for communities

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