Waste Fleet

With over 700 collection vehicles in our fleet nationally, you can trust that Veolia has the right truck for your needs. Our diverse fleet can access any site and collect various waste streams.

Veolia will conduct a site waste assessment prior to service delivery which included a safety assessment and site access review to recommend the right sized truck for the job.  

Our modern fleet of vehicles are serviced regularly by a highly trained maintenance team, working from modern facilities, available 24 hours a day.  Should there be a break down, we also have a number of backup vehicles that are available for exchange, so that your collections can continue with minimal disruption to their business.

Our national procurement team are continually reviewing our fleet to make sure we meet our customers’ needs.

All of our trucks are fit with a monitor connected to our Paperless Truck System (PTS) which allows real-time tracking of our collection vehicles through GPS. Drivers can communicate with customers and our customer service centres to reduce delays and better manage collection schedules.

Front Lift

Front lift trucks are suitable for commercial and industrial waste collection, where the pick-up site has enough room outside to allow access.

Front lift trucks collect front lift containers – 1.5, 3.0 & 4.5 cubic metre bins.

The truck is equipped with forks which the driver operates from within the truck and aligns them with sleeves on the front lift container. The container is lifted over the truck and the waste is emptied into the truck and then compacted.

Front lift trucks are equipped with weighing systems which allows for accurate and reliable weighing of every bin emptied. For general waste and cardboard services, we offer cubic metre rate pricing or weight based pricing. Veolia will conduct a site waste assessment prior to service delivery and discuss the most suitable option for your business needs.

Rear Lifts

Rear lift trucks are suitable for commercial waste collection, where the pick-up site has limited access or space, such as alleyways or lanes.

Rear lift trucks collect rear lift containers – 120, 240, 660 & 1100 litre bins.

Containers are manually collected and taken to the rear of the truck where they are lifted automatically, emptied and compacted by the truck.

Skip Bulk

Skip bulk trucks are ideal for heavy waste materials.

Skip bulk trucks collect skip bins, from 2 cubic metres up to 6 cubic metre bins and marrell bins from 6 cubic metres up to 15 cubic metres. The truck is strong and versatile, equipped with a hydraulic arm to load and unload the bin.

Side Lift

Side lift trucks are predominantly used for municipal waste and recycling collections.

Side lift trucks collect 120 & 240 litre bins.

The truck is equipped with a claw on the side which the driver operates to lift the container. The container is lifted over the truck and the waste is emptied into the truck.

Hook Lift

Hook lift trucks are ideal for removal of large waste volumes and where there are no access issues to the site.

Hook lift trucks collect hook bins, ranging from 10 to 35 cubic metres. The truck loads and unloads the heavy-duty bins with a hydraulic hook operated by the driver. 

Liquid Tanker & Vacuum Loading

Liquid tankers are used to service liquid and hazardous waste customers.

Our vacuum trucks are built to the highest standards and are ideal for collection of grease trap, oily water, sludge, contaminated water, septic waste, stormwater, leachate, drill water or dangerous goods. We have a range of trucks suited to the different waste streams and volumes.

Our vacuum loading techniques include positive displacement and liquid ring vacuum pumps; which are designed for efficient and safe removal of dusts, solids and liquids from confined spaces and pits. These techniques and solutions benefit your organisation with the removal of debris and waste materials from the bottom of lagoons, ponds and pits without taking surface material.

The driver used a hose to extract the contents of the liquid waste tank to ensure no spillage occurs. The tank can then be washed and filters cleaned to remove any build up. All mobile vacuum loading units are equipped with emergency spill kits and procedures, operatives have been subject to extensive in-house training on procedures, checks and environmental responsibility.

Pantech Trucks & Medical Vans

Pantech Trucks are EPA Licenced transport vehicles used for specialised collection and transport of medical, clinical and confidential bins under EPA guidelines.

The pantech truck is also used to collect and transport secure documents for destruction. The truck loads and unloads packaged waste with a tailgate lifter into the back of the truck, ensuring discrete transport of these waste streams. The bins are exchanged at collection.

Medical vans are used for specialised collection and transport of medical waste in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations. Medical vans are used to collect smaller quantities of medical, clinical and sanitary waste and where the pick-up site has limited access or space.