Water Contract Management

For most contracts, Veolia proposes to establish a Steering Group to manage the delivery of the contract services. This group would meet on a three or six monthly basis and ensure that all KPIs, costs and relationships are working well.

What is involved in Veolia’s contract management model?

In most cases, client’s Contract Manager and Veolia’s Operations Manager jointly manage the contract and meet formally (together with any assistants) on a monthly basis to report on performance, feedback on contract related matters and ensure no issues are unresolved.

Both managers report the project status to the Steering Group and ensure that all meetings are documented. Client Contract Administrators usually meet on-site with Veolia’s staff on an as-required basis and in the event of a conflict (arising) requiring dispute resolution, Veolia’s State Group General Manager is available to resolve issues on Veolia’s behalf.

What are the key principles in Veolia’s contract management model?

Veolia believes in taking a collaborative approach to all contracts and always abide by the following:

  • Being open and honest in all communications
  • Proactive informing and engaging with parties early, identifying, receiving, resolving and reporting on all issues, complaints, inquiries and compliments, and ensuring they remain fully informed at all times
  • Being responsive - responding to all contact in a timely manner
  • Being sensitive - recognising the needs of other parties
  • Reliable honouring all obligations and ensuring all commitments made are met
  • Responsible ensuring that every effort is made to resolve issues to the satisfaction of all involved.

Want to learn more about Veolia’s contract management model for water services?

In Australia
Please submit an online enquiry to our customer service team or call us at 07 3231 7400

In New Zealand
Please submit an online enquiry to our customer service team or call us at 0800 325 542.