Earthpower, NSW

Veolia EarthPower 

Veolia EarthPower Technologies is Australia’s first food waste to energy facility.

Earthpower Technologies is Australia’s first food waste-to-energy facility. Centrally located in the Sydney suburb of Camellia, the facility processes food wastes to produce green electricity and a nutrient-rich-by-product fertilizer.

Earthpower accepts organic waste material from the industrial, commercial and residential sectors and converts it to green energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser. Earthpower uses anaerobic digestion to convert food waste into renewable energy. 


Earthpower provides clients with affordable gate-fees, enabling a viable alternative to traditional landfilling and allows for potential savings on other waste disposal costs by improved source segregation and recovery of recyclable organic material. Earthpower also facilitates the diversion of waste from landfill and subsequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions - the facility diverts 91% of waste received from landfill.

The methane generated from organics breakdown is used as fuel for the generation of electricity. This electricity is sold into the grid for distribution to domestic, commercial and industrial clients and at full capacity, Earthpower is capable of producing enough green electricity to power over 3,600 homes. Turning the final product from energy production into nutrient-rich fertilizer.



35 Grand Ave, Camellia, NSW 2142

Direct Contact Number

Phone: (02) 9684 5832

Customer Support Number

Phone: (02) 9684 5832


Business hours

Open to: Account customers only

Monday to Sunday: 24 hours

Services offered

Energy from Waste


Waste Accepted:

This facility is currently accepting the following waste:

  • Organics 
  • Solid and liquid food waste 

50 tonnes of polystyrene recycled

Over 1400 tonnes of cardboard recycled

1800mW of renewable energy produced from waste