Reliable. Innovative. Customised solutions. We provide bespoke environmental solutions to some of the region’s largest industries – across water and wastewater management, resource recovery, waste management solutions, and energy services.


Our global support sets us apart

We have local and widespread experience across a diverse number of industries. And we’re backed by a global organisation that connects us to innovative, best-practice technologies and project expertise.


Our team has a proven track record

Our industry experts have successfully implemented a range of environmental solutions for mining, metals, oil and gas, and other industrial clients.  We have helped these clients improve their business and environmental performance through our water, waste, industrial services and energy solutions.


We understand the challenges

Our environmental solutions help address the challenges of your sector, including: increasing costs, fluctuating commodity demand and emerging competition, environmental and social responsibility, skills shortages, and new technologies.


We plug in our solutions

We help you maintain profits, safety standards and community engagement by plugging in our services to your business. We help you achieve:


Security of supply

We know you need to run your facilities efficiently and at full capacity. We deliver effective, transparent planning and implementation, to help you extract and process resources such as coal, copper and gold, zinc, coal seam gas (CSG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) on time, on budget and without incident.


Flexible and highly skilled labour

With over 4000 employees across the country, we give you the flexibility you need for your projects, including regional and remote operations.


Technical innovation

As global leaders in technical innovation, we are best placed to maximise the profitability, efficiency, performance and safety of your business.


Specialised and bundled service capabilities

We can bundle together our specialised capabilities – integrating water, waste, industrial cleaning and energy services – to deliver truly robust environmental solutions and economies of scale.


Social licence to operate

We deliver bespoke community engagement plans for your projects. Our plans are collaborative. They aim to address the environmental, social and cultural needs of local communities, governments, industry and your workers, to minimise the impacts of your projects.