For the Az Zour North plant, delivered in 2016, Veolia chose thermal desalination, a process also known as multi-effect distillation (MED). The unit is capable of producing 486,500 m3 of desalinated water per day.
Double the production capacity of the Hedong wastewater treatment plant operated by Veolia, which collects the wastewater of nearly 1.5 million inhabitants, and introduce a sludge treatment system.
Fully renovate the heating plant by installing two CHP engines and converting the steam heating system into a hot water heating system. Implement an intelligent flow management and operating system to measure energy savings.
Design and build a biomass-fired heating network for the largest dairy group in the UK. It must be able to supply the 100 000 tonnes of steam required for the processes (pasteurisation and drying) used to make 55 000 tonnes of cheese every year.
Aquavista™ Plant manages the wastewater collection system and the three treatment plants in real time based on the weather to avoid saturation.
Install a district heating network that runs on renewable energy. Launched by BS Energy, a Veolia Germany subsidiary, the Hungerkamp plant replaces 34 coal and oil-fired burners with a cogeneration plant, a wood-fired boiler and a natural gas-fired boiler, as well as two heat storage units.
Convert a major heat and electricity production plant that was initially gas-fired to cogeneration and transform it into the largest European fully biomass-fired (straw and wood) heating network.
Recover the calories in wastewater through the proprietary Energido® process. By capturing unavoidable energy produced by urban facilities in the vicinity of the equipment (wastewater collection systems), fossil fuels can be replaced by renewable resources from a permanent (wastewater) rather than intermittent energy source (solar, wind, etc.).
Produce drinking water for the city directly from domestic wastewater which is a solution that covers about 35 % of the needs of the city and its suburbs and also addresses chronic water shortages in the region.
In Rostock, Veolia is recycling plastic bottles to give them a longer life.
Veolia is bolstering Arcelor Mittal’s commitment to Brazil’s environment by helping the steelmaker capitalize on our most effective technology and unique expertise.
Veolia has worked with Buenos Aires for sixteen years. It has provided comprehensive urban cleaning services to the most emblematic districts of the Argentinean capital since October 2014.
Hong Kong SAR China
The sludge treatment plant built by Veolia in Hong Kong is much more than just an industrial site. It is a truly environmentally friendly complex that is autonomous and self-sufficient in energy and water.
Singapore’s National Environment Agency has honored Veolia for the quality and effectiveness of its urban cleaning services.
In Japan, Veolia manages every aspect of the public water service for the city of Hakone, west of Tokyo. That includes supplying water to the onsen, the traditional Japanese baths.
In France, Castorama, the market leader in home improvement enlisted Veolia to develop a new secondary raw material produced from wood waste generated at its stores.
In 2010 Veolia assumed sole responsibility for an array of technical and support services on behalf of the pharmaceutical giant BMS, at its sites throughout Europe.
Veolia is responsible for technical maintenance and soft services on 6 major sites and 19 satellite sites in France and a further site in Slovakia.
Veolia has designed a cogeneration plant that generates steam and electricity to meet the needs of 81 companies in the Chongqing chemical industrial park.
Veolia and L’Oréal have designed a unique solution for treating and recycling wastewater at the Suzhou plant in China’s Jiangsu province.
South Korea
Veolia provides SK Hynix with ultrapure water of consistent quality – a critical component for manufacturing the company’s high-tech products.
Veolia has installed treatment technology capable of recycling 30% of the wastewater at this chemical complex so it can be used as cooling water.
Veolia is helping a subsidiary of Sinopec to treat its wastewater more efficiently and reduce water use.
Veolia has developed a unique process for recycling water generated during the gas-to-liquid transition so it can be fully reused on site.
Saudi Arabia
Following its construction of the Jubail I desalination plant, Veolia has been selected by Marafiq to design, build and operate Saudi Arabia’s largest reverse-osmosis desalination plant with ultrafiltration technology, known as Jubail II.
Since 2004, Total has been using Veolia’s automated, non-entry process for cleaning and degassing crude oil tanks at its European sites.
South Korea
For 13 years, Veolia has been helping LG Lotte Petrochemicals significantly reduce its energy and water use while increasing production capacity.
Veolia manages and ensures the maintenance of three water treatment plants which treat water involved in the production of coal gas.
Czech Republic
The largest mining company in the Czech Republic has put its faith in Veolia to supply electricity and provide heating, hot water and compressed air for its coal mines.
Vallourec adopts a Veolia tool for seven of its key production sites.
The Canadian subsidiary of the K+S Group, one of the world's leading fertilizer producers, chose to incorporate HPD evaporation and crystallization solutions at its new potash production facility in Saskatchewan.
Veolia secures equipment cleaning contact at Rio Tinto in New South Wales.
For Tomago Aluminium, Veolia is providing water management and energy solutions as well as fully integrated services.
United Kingdom
Diageo was created in 1997 through a merger between Guinness and Grand Metropolitan and is now the world's leading name in beer, wine and spirits. The company has implemented a strategy to reduce energy bills and water consumption at its main site in Scotland.
Veolia is working with Mars to reduce its water and carbon footprints.
Veollia has developed the world’s first drying system for Dutch coffee roaster Douwe Egberts Master Blenders (DEMB).